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Where Do You Break Up Your Bud On

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BudBrownies, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Notice the headphones and half eaten peanut butter cracker manwichs. they where mighty good.

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  2. I grind. I only ever break it up if I don't have a grinder on me.
  3. Also grind.
    I use a piece of shiny cardboard to process.
  4. Oh so you pinch your bowls straight from grinder?
  5. Lol a table what kind of thread is this
  6. I use a plastic air tight container, that way I can just seal it afterwards and no smell comes out.
  7. Yup.
  8. I just fold a piece of printing paper in half so there's a nice crease then I break it up on that.

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  9. I like to use old probation documents.  :bongin:
  10. I use a bible to break up on. I only ever use a grinder on mids. Dro is better to pick with your hand as grinded dro is to fine a burns up to quickly. If you place a nicley manicured nug that fits preciesly in your bowl it will last a hell of a lot longer and more smoking is always enjoyable. I switch to mids and roll up joints for the exact reason, it is nice to sit and smoke than rather take a few hits get high.
  11. I use a regular sheet of copy paper to catch whatever falls when I roll. That's about it.
  12. My table

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  13. I break mine up on a paper plate, and roll on it too obviously, if I'm rolling that is.
  14. This is interesting b/c I prefer the fast burning qualities of weed that has gone through the grinder. Maybe it is b/c I am a bong person and I like powerful hits. I also used to do the whole nug in bowl to make it last but honesly I went through reefer faster that way. 2 bong rips and I am just as baked off 1/4 the amount of weed.
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    G'evening, folks.
    Am new here and am just becoming acquainted with the new surroundings.
    I myself just cut the colas into bowl-sized shapes.
    Since it's pure pistil, it isn't hard.
    Matter of fact, it's quite soft.
    Though, after two tokes . . .
    Things do get hard.
    That's a good thing, though. :smoke:
    Anyway, thanks for having me  and . . .
    Happy growing!
    Oh, lol, I forgot to detail the answer...
    I use nothing to "break up" a bud. A few reasons:
    1. It spreads trichomes unecessarily
    2. THC oil sticks to anything...why waste it?
    3. A fresh bud, just cut from a "cured" cola, is never "hard."
    4. I think I'll stop here. lmao
  16. This:
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    I use one of those air tight food containers that has a latch on each side along with a rubber seal in the lid to insure it's sealed well. It works well since I sometimes grind up an ~8th so I don't have to grind up some bud everytime I smoke.

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