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Where do you blaze in WA

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokemanybowls, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. i live in bellevue and am lookin for some new toke spots from some people with more experience with the area ive lived here for all my life but just recently started smoking usually in my house and car and random urban places but i do know that this is the most beautifically scenic places in the world and need some help guys pics and places
  2. oh cool i live in kenmore
  3. Well,

    if your willing to drive,

    you know highway 2 right?

    well in the winter i love to go up to the mountains and just go off and explore with boots and shit.

    Good times.

  4. yea i go up highway 2 when i head to stevens i smoked and boarded once fun as fuck til i lost my board for about half an hour haha
  5. aahhh shit . i live in kirkland
  6. Snowboarding or ski blading is pretty fun if you're blazed. I met a couple guys blazing around Schweitzer. Smoked a few bowls with them, and it was the best black diamond run I've ever had.

    I'm not sure about Bellevue though. I personally don't think there's anything in Bellevue that's worth seeing in the city.

    If I remember right, you're also closer to The Gorge. That would be a pretty sweet area to blaze.
  7. im still pretty far away from the gorge but you are right that be hella sick im just lookin for natural places like rivers lakes falls mountains ive found a few but the more the merrier
  8. sup dude, i live in redmond and blaze alot in bellevue, theres a hella chill private deck with chairs that overlooks the city up the hill from jack and the box, like by bellevue high. send me a msg if you want my number or something and i can tell you specifics lol.
  9. north kitsap over here

    goin in the woods
    or like chillen on a creek or river
    with accoustic guitars
    and a buddy

    sounds pretty good to me haha
  10. im lookin for more woodland places lol but ill check it out i know that area well

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