where do u smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by smknmnky, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. i cant smoke in my house because my nephew has bronchitis so i smoke in my old car parked at the end of my driveway it is next to my niebors window so i need suggestions for a new place to smoke.

    where do u smoke?
  2. do you not have your own room? if you do then just smoke in there and tell your nephew not to go in there

    oh ya to answer your question i smoke basically anywhere lol
  3. It all depends what it is for me:

    Piece/Bong: In my car / In an alley / My gf's side yard / Some parks
    Joint/Blunt: All of the above / Just walking down the sidewalk

    Is it necessary for you to be at the end of the driveway? Could you just pull it in a little?
  4. I smoke anywhere with my pipe. i cant smoke at my house either execpt at night in my basement but usally in a park or on railroad tracks because those are 2 places(where i live) that i dont have to worry about cops at all.
  5. wait so why cant u smoke in the car.. cuz its near sum1's house?? just keep the lights off man and toke and dont make lotta noise...and smoke at night too u shuld be good
  6. i cant move the car it doesn't run and is missing 2 wheels.
    i live close to the police station so i cant smoke walking down the street.
    i just thought about putting a tarp over it you think it will work.
  7. most of the time I just go out my back door and just go around to the side deck and just chill out and smoke up there.
  8. I smoke in the garage since my mom said I cant smoke in the house. Though when shes at work ill open up a window, log on GC, play some zeppelin and fire it up!:bongin:
  9. ^^ i was thinking the same thing, do you have a garage or a tool shead in your back yard. if you do just bake that out i do it all the time cause i cant smoke in my house and it works fine. And i like to see that ppl listen to led zeppelin around here. represent led zeppelin!!
  10. Outside my house, any of the parks nearby, or in the car.
  11. -at the 3118 apt
    -when smoking in the parents house, i am polite and use my oney and exhale through a water bottle with dryer sheets
    -i recommend maybe hanging out in your back yard or front porch and invest in a dugout with a piece that looks like a cig (mine does and at a glance always throws people off, even ones who know what it is)
    -on the drive home from work... there are certain parts where i'm going up a hill or something and i can see cars coming, if the coast is clear, break out the oney again and hit it
    -if you live in a neighborhood that is pretty calm and not EXTREMELY well lit, you could cruise a lap or two and hit a bowl (usually what i do after a 5-10 shift since it's dark and most people are in bed on account of the weekday)

    hope your situation works out... i wouldn't go with the tarp, it seems like a situation where you couldn't see someone walk up on you
  12. garage usually.

    sometimes outside.

    every once in awhile in my room
  13. ive got a bathroom downstairs noone ever uses, except me on occasion, and drunks.

    so i just keep all my bongs and pipes in the cupboard down there. its actually really convenient having a sink and a toilet in the room you smoke (moreso the sink, toilet it really just a big ashtray.)

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