Where do u hide your "candy"?

Discussion in 'General' started by ArtesiaBuds, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. where does everyone hide there weed when u have some nosey ass parents? i hide my stuff in a computer game box, any suggestions?
  2. I keep my weed in my sock at all times if it's not too much. When I have a large amount I usually hide it in a rip in the lining under the couch in my room.
  3. in a drawer..i got all kinds of incriminating evidence in there
  4. in a coat pocket hanging in the back of my closet...i got all orts of shit in there.
  5. I have a cigar box thats pretty suseptible (sp?) (is that even the right word?!?!) i got a huge sticker on the one side from ismokeweed.org
    I try to keep that out of sight, but sometimes I dont really care..they know I smoke, but they dont like it, but then again they dont say anything...
    I got the box cause I keep everything in there..my stash, my glass pipe, poker, papers, roach clip, you know all my lil toys lol..


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  6. i have a sentry safe that i keep all my shit in, if my parents snoop aorund they can just stare at the huge safe knowing that they cannot get in it
  7. i pull my bottom drawer out and put eveyrhting under it..my weed, roller, bong, parts, stems seeds germinating plants....EVERYTHING...roomier than it looks :D
  8. id tell everyone my secret spots, but as a precaustion to any narcs that might read this, i rather not tell for it would ruin this fool proof stash item. As for at home, the good spot is inside the bed where theres a tear.

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