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where do the seeds come from?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by El Duderino, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. where do really potent strain seeds come from? if all the active ingredients are in female plants and no one likes seeds in their buds, how do we getpower strains with no seeds. im no biologist, but i grew some reggie(almost ok) bag seed in once, some backyard dirt(really dark, rich dirt). i watered it with tap water and dropped some egg shell every once in a while whenever i remembered... but when i harvested and did it up, it was so good, strong high; tasted like fruit loops. it was great, i cured it for a long while. i did it right. but because it was a female plant(i had grown a couple different seeds, the other two were male) it budded up real big and frosty. did i get lucky or something? whats the deal? teach me genetics!

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    the preservation and cultivation of marijuana seeds goes back literally thousands of years bro.....weed plants STILL grow naturally in places like Kazakhstan and Jamaica and they have their own individual characteristics .....theres strains all over the world for example Afghan kush or Acapulco gold....etc. and people liked the high and other characteristics so they bred them and bred them and crossed them and crossed them and now theres easily over 1000 strains and that number is only going to keep growing. watch "strain hunters" on youtube its pretty cool they go find new strains in other countries
  3. Male pollinates a female= seeds
    Remove the male from the equations= no seeds

    Now that doesn't mean a female can't turn Hermaphrodite and develop its own seeds from stress or self preservation . But that's a whole different story.

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  4. Yes, pretty good strain and easy to handle.
  5. Just because the bud you have dosnt have seeds dosnt mean the plant wasnt capable of producing seeds, just that it was never fertilized. This is why people are so tight on culling male plants or hermies- any pollen gets near your girls it ruins the buds with seed.
    If however your a seed bank, making your money from selling seeds rather than the production of the buds you dont cull/separate the males- you can either leave males and females of a single strain in an area together and let nature take its course or you can keep the males separate, harvest pollen and artificially pollinate the females (you obviously want to do it this way if your crossing different strains so you know who fathered what). Either way your female plants will produce a crop thats a low quality smoke because of the seeds but thats what you wanted.
    Theres nothing stopping you from doing this at home if youve had both male and female seeds.

    Now how you get the seeds for a feminized/auto-fem strain given that nothing that grows from those seeds should ever be male is where understanding genetics comes in...

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