Where do I top her?

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  1. Greetings all

    So I've been doing some reading recently and I stumbled upon something a bit confusing...

    I have this blue dream strain growing at the moment (19 days above soil) and I want to top her today. Her lights are just about to go off and they'll be back on later - in 6 hours.

    I've always counted the nodes of seedlings starting from the first pair of symmetrical leaves, excluding the cotyledons.

    I'm going to use the number of each node according to the picture I've attached.

    You can see that at node 1 after the cotyledons, there are a pair of single blade leaves, and I've always counted this as the first node due to the fact that there are growth tips that stem from the elbow of the single blade leaves and main stem.

    According to how I understand it, my tree is now developing her 6th node, the growth tip above node 5.
    My plan is to top her later tonight just above node 3 after the lights come on and strip away growth on nodes 1 & 2.

    There were a few people online that do not count node 1 as their first node and rather start counting from node 2, which is where I got a bit confused... Have I been doing it wrong?
    Implying that I need to wait, and rather top just above node 4.

    Thanks in advance! [​IMG]

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  2. It's where the two fan leaves V together....right there in that V....ABOVE the V though

    Sooo...it looks like 5 maybe.....or at 4 if you wanted....or at 3...
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  3. Cut inbetween where it forms a V shape at the verry top you'll either top or fim it (fuck I missed) either way you will develope new tops
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  4. your thinking about it too much.
    just cut it between 4 and 5, or 3 and 4.
    like the others said any of them will work
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  5. id say just cut at the very top an allow new growth to come through then bend them away from the centre to form something like this mainlining-300x167.jpg
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  6. I'd cut that girl right below 5

    Or below 4, depending if you want a slightly smaller plant
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  7. Yeah that is true... I'll probably cut between 3 and 4.

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  8. Would you keep the growth beneath node 4?

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  9. I understand what you're saying but I want to get all the colas coming off the same node.

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  10. Yeah I'm trying to limit height to 2ft or slightly over

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  11. I always top 3rd node 4th max
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  12. Which would you say you prefer?

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  13. It's your personal preference it really doesnt matter to me as long as I top them 4 times at least lol. I would top it then when new growth start back I would l.s.t. the plant tie it down.
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  14. Okay, thank you!

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  15. I'd fim her. Just pinch the top 2/3 of new growth off between your (cleaned) finger nails. Then tie Down the branches

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  16. This is the same link I’ve used for my mainlining technique!

    This is how mine is going
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  17. Daamn that little baby is a beast man thats impressive
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  18. Thanks man :) nice to get positive feedback

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