Where do I start?

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  1. where does someone who has no experience in the movement or industry start a career?

    Do THC U. And places like the Canibis collage really give me a useable skill set?
  2. research those places and make your own determination

    find a job with someone who can teach you...maybe someone with growth potential and yall can grow together
  3. What do you want to do in the industry?

    If you just want to learn the ropes then maybe start off as a trimmer. Start ringing outdoor/greenhouse growers now and see if any will give you a start. From there you gain experience and contacts and can move up the chain.
  4. It's like any other job. No experience...and no real chance of a "career". You may luck into an hourly position somewhere....but again...there's a LOOOOOONNNNGGG line of folks out there who think this is all set up just for them and that they will make booo coos of cash doing it.

    In all reality, here in CO you must register with the State and have no felonies on your record to be able to work anywhere in the "industry". My son is badged here. Such status allows him to be a "Budtender" and make $12-13 an hour. (No benefits/retirement package/insurance/etc.) He also gets 40% off on product. That's about it. It's better pay than other non-skilled work...but it's no career. Everyone in the industry is highly (no pun intended) replaceable because there is always another noob out there with stars in their eyes who are willing to fill the space.

    good luck finding your path........
  5. Do you want to deal with the herb, or the picks and shovels.

    Both sides are doing very well.

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