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Discussion in 'General' started by Sublimefan420, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. It sucks to say it. But it's hopeless. I have been smoking for a little over two years now and just can't do it anymore. Every time I take a bong hit or smoke mildly dank weed, my throat feels like it gets constricted, I get cotton mouth, and I can barely talk. And when I really try to talk, my voice sounds incredibly strange, like a frog. At first I thought it was just cotton mouth, but I have drank literally two water bottles after one bong hit and it still happens. As time goes on it gets worse. It's embarrassing to smoke with people, I enjoy lighting up so much, but this problem causes my anxiety to shoot through the roof, and when I do smoke, I literally will just zone out and ignore people talking to me, so it's like they are smoking by themselves pretty much.

    I have no clue what caused this problem, it started about a year ago. Does anyone know anything about this problem, is it rare? Anyway I can fix it? I am starting to think it's a problem with my sinuses... I really don't know, advice would be amazingly awesome.

    Please Help a hopeless toker...:(
  2. Smoke less.

    I know kids who would smoke so much that their gums would bleed when they brushed their teeth if they didn't smoke in a few days.

    Smoke from anything causes vasoconstriction (the blood vessels tighten and cut off blood flow), and this could be happening in your mouth? :confused:

    At least one thing I'm sure of is you just need to lighten up and stop getting anxious. Enjoy the ride, and it's not the end of the world if you quit smoking for a while.
  3. Well whats the worst that can happen if you sound like a frog?
  4. I'd laugh too hard.
  5. It's actually pretty irritating, it feels like a ball of hair is literally lodged in my throat. Hell, maybe there is?
  6. Dude, invest in a vaporizer. thats it. i just received my da buddha last week and its awesome, and thats just one of plenty of great vapes out there! It elimnates all the bad toxins that are caused by combustion, giving your lungs a much needed break and its way easier on your throat and sinuses too. YOu should try one out

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