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Where do i buy whippets?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by modern-hippy, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. i wana try nitrious oxide.... where can i buy whippets, and the baloon and cracker and all that.... what do i need? fuck
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    Sex shop, head shop, internet. Haven't you asked this before? You've listed everything you need, you can also get the big whip cream dispenser which can hold 4 or so cartridge and you just suck on the dispenser rather than using a balloon and cracker.
  3. u know u could fuck urself up bad by doing that. like die. just figured id warn u. never done it myself, seeing as i dont want holes in my brain, but u just get a can of whipped cream, keep the can right side up, press the nozzle, and inhale. it wont shoot whipped cream, just the propellant.
  4. Metal head...you're inaccurate.
  5. shit dude, sorry. im a bit ripped at the moment:smoke:
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    Remember you need to let the gas cool down or it will damage your lungs, as nitrous oxide is a cold gas, so don't go taking it straight from the bulbs.

    And remember Nitrous Oxide will deplete your vitamin B12,without vitamin B12, your nerves get neural degradation. (Only after high amounts, if you eat well a little less B12 won't do anything)

    Eat your vitamins and have a blast.

  7. You don't. It's not like the real thing. Go to the dentist and get your wisdom teeth cut out. whippets sux.
  8. It's the same gas.. The only difference is that at the dentist they combine oxygen with it so you don't die.
  9. i get mine at a local headshop. when you ask for them at the headshop, don't say whip-its, ask for 'whip cream chargers'

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