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Where do dispensaries get their bud from?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by hom21, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Do they buy off of growers?

  2. How much can a grower make off of weed then? Statelaw whise?
  3. Vendors are people that go to co-ops and donate their flowers for compensation.

    Some co-ops will deal in the terms of $1800-3500 a pound, others have different ranges.
  4. get a card
    and sell Legaly

  5. Do you have to be a California resident to donate and be compensated? Do you have to have a Cali MMJ card? What if you had a MMJ card from another state? And most importantly, do you have to register in some way, shape, or form to supply a dispensary with medicine?

    I heard Harborside Health Center - Medical Cannabis by the bay in Oakland, CA has 3 stations where you can walk up and sell up to 3 pounds of medicine at a time. Is this true? What are the requirements?

    Any info would help.

  6. You can not sell to the clubs but you can donate your excess meds to certain clubs and they will reinburse you for your time.And you have to have the top AAA if your looking to get alot also some clubs only buy certain strains that are known to treat different aliments.
  7. Pretty much what I was thinking, but you'd have to make good friends with a club owner, etc. to buy off someone random..obviously. But hell, my dad's working in CO atm, and his friend at work says he sells bud cheap to a club so he'll always want to buy from him. I don't know though lol.

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