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Where do dispensaries get marijuana?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by SouthernEX, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. I'm not particularly interested in opening a dispensary, but I would like to know where dispensaries get their marijuana from. I mean can they just get it from any grow house/field, or do they have to get it from a legislated place? If anyone could shed some light on this question I would appreciate it.
  2. Most of them grow their own.. and other from licensed state medical growers. Some say they get it from the same people as you do, only much higher up, but clearly medical is much better, so I doubt that. All depends on the dispensary too.
    Btw I could be totally wrong so someone else should confirm this
  3. yeah they grow their own or buy from patients who grow
  4. Grow it. But i smell bacon!!!:rolleyes:
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  6. Grow their own or patients can sell their own back to the dispensary.
  7. on dat show weeds they get it from a pot agent name "The Wizard" and that cnbc documentary showed a guy in humboldt county growin weed in his back yard for dispensarys
  8. Owning a dispensary must be pimp as shit, especially now that they can't get raided randomly.
  9. That's what I figured, but I wanted to make sure.

    Does the government allow dispensaries to turn a profit? I would think you could make a fairly comfortable living if you grew your own marijuana and supplied it to a dispensary which you owned.
  10. i believe they grow and manufacture it in labs were there are guys with big glasses and white coats

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  12. LEGALLY, i'm pretty sure they have to get a liscensed grower or grow it themselves, AND NO WAY are dispensaries allowed to turn a profit, only pay their workers their wages and supply their PATIENTS with MEDECINE. hahahahahaha

    EDIT: and the growers are usually patients, DUH! so shoo lol
  13. I knew this guy that used to grow (don't know if he still does) for a dispensary in California. Needless to say, his bud was heat and he had killer prices. But i think alot of them grow their own.

  14. they say not to make a profit,but with a ounce being around $230 -$400,someone is making money..they call it "donations". kinda like churches don't make make money they get "donations".the funny thing is,why can't i get my meds for free ? i guess a mandatory "donation"..then again you can grow your own.

  15. There are collectives where you can grow cannabis for free and help other people grow their own plants.
  16. Did you guys know compassion club dispensaries are illegal?
  17. No, they're not. Please don't spread disinformation like that, or at least CITE your sources.

    Also, let's not get into the whole profiteering aspect here, there's enough vitriol about that subject on other threads.

    This thread should be closed already.
  18. In Canada compassion club dispensaries are illegal. Unless the person I spoke to that works for Health Canada is wrong. Which there is a chance that he was wrong. But he said that soon they will be cracking down on compassion clubs and busting them because there distribution is illegal. Apparently in Canada it is only legal to go through the MMAR program and have your own designated grower.
  19. i've heard of those collectives.but never been to one or seen one that does that.can you tell me the name of one that does that?? my sister is growing a plant and it would take alot of weight off her shoulders if a helpful collective can do the job for her.:)
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