Where do diseases come from?

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  1. After I smoked earlier I started to thinking about sickness and came upon the idea, where would diseases come from? What do you all think.....discuss.
  2. bacteria and viruses.
  3. You may find this article interesting:
    Borna Virus Discovered in Human Genome - NYTimes.com

  4. genetic dispositions, man, there's probably a different way of getting every disease. I have crohn's disease and they don't really know how one gets it and I always try and think of things in my childhood that could have caused it. shit though i dontk now
  5. My mama once told me that diseases come from the devil...lol.
  6. Lots of places my man.

    DNA is a fragile molecule... viruses, free radicals, ionizing radiation, genetic quirks... all of those can change or damage that molecule.

    Prions screw with the way your body builds proteins and that screws you up.

    And that's before all the other lifeforms that have evolved to take advantages of our biology come into play. Bacteria, parasites, things that make toxins or poisons...

    Plus the unknowns. No one knows what causes MS, for example, and that's one I'm pretty interested in.

    Its a hostile world.
  7. People having sex with animals.
  8. Diseases can also occur when your body starts to attack itself such as in autoimmune diseases. Your body's immune system mistaks a part of your body as an enemy and it starts to attack it.
  9. did someone never take highschool biology?
  10. God made them.
  11. no thats not true, god made us eternal beings before the devil disguised as a snake chilling in a tree made the first woman eat a forbidden apple, which resulted in death, which was the gateway for the ability of diseases*in a 3rd graders debate voice*
  12. From your mother.
  13. I took it, was first hour though so I didn't pay much attention.

    I was once told AIDS came from a man sexing a monkey. That's why beastiality is illegal.
  14. AIDS is fuckin man made...

  15. that's what they say .. ..
  16. When a man and a woman love each other very much.........
  17. pigs in mexico???
  18. From smallpox infested blankets.
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    There are five sources of disease: viruses, bacteria, parasites, genetics, and prions

    Viruses: Influenza, HIV, etc.
    Bacteria: Staphylococcus, tetanus, etc.
    Parasites: Malaria, other various amoebic diseases, etc.
    Genetics: Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer (even when exposed to toxins it takes genetic predisposition to make it likely), Alzheimer's, etc.
    Prions: CJD (the human form of Mad Cow)

    One could also add environmental factors such as exposure to radiation or toxins, but that's another matter.

    Where do they come from? They evolved. When a virus or other pathogen infects a living cell it's doing it's thing to survive. Our own genome has incorporated viral and bacterial DNA and RNA over the millenia as well when it gives us and our ancestors an evolutionary advantage.

    Single cell organisms, viruses, and prions have been around from the very earliest days of life on Earth, and they have evolved to keep up with the Joneses as it were over the billions of years since. They prey on us just as we prey on other organisms.

    EDIT: Actually I forgot one: fungi such as Athlete's Foot, Jungle Rot, etc. Same principle applies though. They evolved to eat us.
  20. Best post so far....The same thought occured to me the other night when I made this thread....it was strange thinking about microscopic organisms attacking human kind.

    It is quite possible that HIV was man made and spread as a form of birth control....but who really knows.

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