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Where do/did you hide weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by OCMS, May 26, 2010.

  1. 1. Where is your current weed hiding spot?
    2. Where were some of your past/favorite hiding spots?
    3. Where do you hide your smoking equip/bongs, pipes? :bongin:

    Any advice on where to hide it? And when you hide it is it in a jar or a bag?

    Sorry if it feels like i'm quizzing you lol, just curious.;)
  2. I get presciption medication so I've always got a bunch of pill containers. I store in those or a glass jar. I hate the idea of storing in a baggie. Dunno if it's a valid thing to hate but oh well.

    Since my stash is always in a pill container this makes it easier for me to hide. I used to hide them in the ceiling of my basement (when I lived in a basement). Also I took pride in my hiding or I at least made a game of it lol. Once I hid an 1/8 in an old boot and forgot about it. 10 months later I found it and I was dry. It made me SOOOOO happy hA hA.

    Keep it simple (secret), Keep it safe!

    I"m dry now but if I had any I"d just hide it under my bed or under my mattress. No one goes in my room anyways so it's not a biggy.

    As for my pieces I hid them in my closest. Not the most creative hiding spot but like I said since no one goes in my room anyways it's not a big deal.

    I can't wait til it's legal and I can have all my pieces out on display. heheh.

  3. I don't keep my stash "hidden" at home because I don't live with parents anymore- thank God...

    When I did, a small fire safe with a key worked just fine. $40 at wal-mart for the hanging file folder sized safe. You could get the even smaller sentry fire safe (the mini one for just a few valuables) for like $20 bucks. Failing that, you could always try to get a locking cash box (the type ppl use at fundraisers and yard sales) for even less. Maybe used or at a yard sale/flea market...

    Home hiding spots? Hell be creative if you have to... If it's just a baggie to hide, then it should be pretty easy, depending. DVD jewel cases work good. If you're in a finished basement with hanging tile, shove one of those aside. Removeable floorboards in older houses are cool too.

    Newer construction? Hide it in the wall I guess. Pick either the spot where the cable tv comes through, or the phone. Don't use the power outlet lol. Just remove the plastic cover with a screwdriver and shove that shit in there...

    Hollowed out books- "book safes" work ok... Idunno- I could think of hundreds more... I'm going to pass the rock to someone else :)
  4. I've got a hollowed out book. Not the most creative place, but hey, my parents aren't snoopy. They used to be, but hell, I'm an adult, almost 21, I just live with them for conveniece while going to college. They respect my privacy.

    In my book safe I keep some old pain killers from a dental surgery, bud, a couple little vials of salvia (it's a cool drug, in case anyone's wondering, but a lot different from bud, it can fuck up your day if you aren't careful), a small glass spoon, and extra cash for vices like weed, booz, w/e, occassionally I dip into it for emergencies if I run out of cash. See I have a plan. Weed is fun but it shouldn't get in the way of paying bills lol.

    Other than my spoon, I have a glass bong, I either keep that in a drawer with my sex toys, or in my closet with my alcohol, depending on whether or not it has water in it lol.
  5. 1) desk cupboard with lock (mom knows though) and my desk drawer
    2) same spots always
    3) same spots

    and I have three mason jars and a plastic container I use.
  6. 1, 2, and 3 = I never brought weed or tobacco into my parents house for as long as I lived there since they didn't approve and It wasn't my place to disrespect that, as soon as I got my own place I literally filled one of my bedroom closets with pieces and bought tight vac jars to start storing my collection haha
  7. 1.somewhere its a secret ;]
    2.the closet
    3.out on my desk.
    my pieces look reaal intimidating when friends come over.:smoking:
  8. I hide everything in my pea coat pocket. I think this is a good hiding spot.
  9. 1. An authentic carved out bamboo piece straight from Jamaica, hand done by a local.
    2. In my guitar.
    3. Various places depending on the piece. Bongs in the drawer, one piece I keep in the carving.

    1 is more of a stash spot, that just happens to be somewhat hidden.

    2 for me is more of a transport.
  10. bedroom: DONT EVER HIDE WEED IN YOUR DRESSER! but you can take the top droor out and stash the weed in there but its hard to access, dvd, closet, put it in a electronic device like a gameboy or somehting, folders

    i hide my stuff in the basement because it is easy to access not suspicious
    garage is a good place as well if u can find the right spot

    when hiding in your parents house its all about how easy you can access it, how hidden it is, and how inconspicious it is to go to.... your parents will eventually catch on if u run up to ur room real quick before u go out

  11. 1. table next to bed:smoking:
    2. My fav hiding spot is the best tip i could give anyone. if you have a ps2 there is a empty space in the back of the console which is used for extra hardrive space i think, anyway take off the lid or whatever, stick in the weed after a smoke, put lid back on (hardly noticeable) and play some pro evo or anouther ps2 classic :)
    3. next to my bed
  12. 1. Currently hidden in a jar in my fridge
    2. Everywhere i like to change my hiding spots alot
    3. Wooden Budweiser crate high up on top of my kitchen cabinets very good spot since it just looks like decoration plus i keep pint glasses and shot glasses and other alcohol related items up there too so it really doesn't look suspicious at all.
  13. Dude just hide it inside of some random box that people don't go into.
  14. well currently i have it in old pill bottles i live wit my mom so i have to hid it from her. i just keep the pill bottle in purses i dnt use

    i use to hid it in my glasses case or in my socks lol

    im liking tht book idea how book shuld the book be?
  15. when i was at home air tight tin w. clasp lid designed for tea, i just put it in my desk drawer without intentions of hiding it... it's my room and my privacy.

    now, also air tight tin, around computer area or in fridge.
  16. I used to hide my shit in a dvd case in a stack of dvds.
    works really well.
  17. [​IMG]thanks to staples shoddy construction the back can easily be popped off at any moment. you can also keep the nib in the tip and have it still work

    tis a great method of stealth
  18. well when i lived with my parents i would eaither keep it in this hiden shelf in my closet above my door or i would just keep it in this old jewlery box i had from when i was little, or i would keep it in a pill bottle in the window with the window closed.

    now that i have my own place we just have a little air tigh stash jar i bought at some random gas staion when i was driving threw kentucky, thing has held up for allmost a year now.

    but when people come over, like my boyfirends mom or something we just put all our stuff in our walk in closet.

  19. i use a computer game box :p

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