where do dead head chicks hang out???

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  1. so ive been to a few dead shows and ive seen some hot dead head girls but i can never seem to run into any of those type of chicks outside of the concerts. where are all the hippie chicks in los angeles???
  2. Idk where the rest are, but my friends and I are!
  3. niiiice. you girls from LA??
  4. I live on the other side of the country. Maybe you gotta move! :(
  5. ive been thinking about moving to northern california. im sure i can find sum dead heads up there. itd be a great place to grow too..where in the country are u?
  6. I'm a straight dead head but im a dude ha
  7. In like the 60's man:)

    College? IDK
  8. i, too, would love to know :rolleyes: :ey:
  9. At a Furthur show.
  10. Maybe you just need to move. Personally I like to chill in parks, on the beach, in a boat, and if there's a bonfire ill probably be sitting at it lol. But...I live on the east coast.
    of all my friends from california, the hippie chicks are all from like the bay area, and usually they are the offspring of older hippies lol. Maybe you're just not looking hard enough? I have some friends from southern california and they tend to be more high maintenance in general (from my experiance)...go chill on beaches or national/state parks? There is a lot of cool parks near and in california.
  11. thats easy...the sunset strip, the key club,shit..roll up and down hollywood& vine next to capital records..of course you should be doing this at nite....but i think your best bet is the sunset strip...just hang out by the clubs where they have those kinds of concerts and bam...
  12. i could see sum of em hanging around hollywood
  13. graveyards
  14. I'd love to find a hippie chick that's also not just a total bum. Finding me a smart deadhead who is interested in science, and a kinky individual is my holy grail.

  15. this......

    ....... this :bongin:
  16. [​IMG]
  17. I live in Pennsylvania. It's bullshit here.
  18. What does this even mean?

  19. mmmm...vice versa for a man...a REAL man...one with long hair, beard, loves music and fests, camping, diggin' in the dirt, smoking weed, video games, and fucking....and drives an old VW...HA!

    But as to the question....any head that loves music can be found at any given fest...Bear Creek, All Good, ACL.....Bonnaroo if you can deal with 80,000 plus and the heat....a real fine time though....

    Bear Creek is in November but a damn long way from LA...try Vegoose....

  20. :wave: :wave:

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