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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WEEDMAN_101, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. I am not allowed to smoke indoors, only choice I have is to smoke in bathroom but use the fan to blow my weed smoke into.
    Where does that fan take that smoke?   outside?? Oh and I dont have an attic!!

  2. Some got outside some don't...go out and look at your roof, if it's vented to the outside you'll see a vent on the roof near your bathroom.....
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    I can't smoke indoors... hmmm... i know, ill go in the bathroom!
    Go outside, don't get mommy and daddy mad.
    The bathroom vents in my house just lead to the other bathroom, lol. It wouldn't be good if i had smoked in my bathroom as a kid, smoke would have just pumped into my parents bathroom.
  4. Bathroom vents are hooked up to the local police department.
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  5. openz a windowz, and den blow de smoke outsidez, or go outsidez. 
  6. I honestly don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. Thank you sir!
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  7. you know that vent on the back of your clothes dryer? yeah it goes right there, then when you turn the laundry on, it vents to the bathroom
    standard double flow vent vectoring.  Just be sure to never take a shit with the fan on, and have the dryer on at the same time.  It could create an intense pressure that will eventually implode into a small black hole in your vents, which is where you'll find all of your lost socks.
    your bathroom is outside?
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    Bathroom vents are supposed to vent to the outside, but sometimes are vented into the attic (you do have an attic space unless your house has a flat roof).
  10. idk bout' you but my vent fan goes straight outside.  That's all i care about.  Good luck though.  :laughing:
  11. I actually install bath fans and yes they should be vented outside. Just look out side roughly the height of the ceiling of your bathroom and see if theres a vent poking out

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    Any room with vents will just push the air around the house... Even if your bathroom vent goes outside its still wouldn't be a good idea... Get a 10$ smoke buddy or make a sploof so you don't exhale clouds of weed scent. Maybe a candle or incense burners with a fan going and you'll be fine. Dont get careless tho if your trying to be discreet.
  13. The vents go underground you should be safe
    But then the smoke will come up in some dumb Chinaman's basement. :(
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    I smoke crazy amounts in my apartment bathroom. Never had a problem or had a smell complaint. My vent goes right outside though. I'm on the top floor
  16. DO NOT DO THAT I did it and my whole house reeked and my parents wanted to kick me out. Smoke out of a window instead

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  17. whatever its fine guys, I put burning, fuming toilet paper right under the fan for a couple minutes and none of my house smelled like it, it goes straight outside  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:  :metal: 
  18. Holy shit I can't stop laughing xD
    OP I don't understand your logic, you're not allowed to smoke inside, so your only choice is to smoke in the bathroom? Smoke outside.

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