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Where did the word "L" come from?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Vdubstoner, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Alot of people use the word "L" in reference to a blunt but how did that word originate from?

  2. Spanish speaking smokers, it's "el" by the way, not "L". El in spanish is "the", so it's basically a shortened version of "the joint".
  3. L as in L plate joint. Take two papers, and make an L shape with them, roll joint, viola, you rolled an L.
  4. I always wondered about this myself

  5. not reference to a blunt in my area. Its a joint
  6. i think its a new york term for blunt, because thats what all the New York rappers call em... and i have no idea why.

  7. If it's a word for a joint then how come people use it for a blunt?
  8. because i live the THUG LIFE :cool:
  9. It has something to do with LP which means limited partnership. It's on top tobacco and other brands I believe. Idk who came up with it to call them L's but i know the LP has something to do with it. I do call them L's often though
  10. Ever look at a calendar? You have abreviations such as:

    You'll notice that Tuesday and Thursday both begin with the letter 'T', and so, in order to differentiate, the abbreviation for Thursday is 'R', the fourth letter.

    This can be applied the same way in today's weed-smoking culture.

    Seeing as bongs were around before blunts came into fashion (in much the same way Tuesday precedes Thursday), they earn the abbreviation of "B".
    Naturally, when blunts came along, there was surely some confusion when people started trying to abbreviate, until certainly some bright fellow decided to call it an "L", the second letter of the word.

    For example, if I'm chillin with a friend, I might ask him to "Pass the B!" Well, he knows that's the bong. However, if I have a fat dutch freshly rolled up, I'd certainly ask him instead to "Puff an L!"

    Therefore, smoke your bongs on Tuesday, and save the blunts til after Wednesday..yadiggggg
  11. i thought it was the shape of the papers.
  12. i thought they called it an El because back when people first starting smoking blunts they used to roll them in El Producto cigars.
  13. wow I actually learned something today guys... lol

  14. You learn something EVERY day, your mind is always actively taking in information and/or processing information. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are always expanding your understanding of everything. The only thing limiting yourself is your willingness to realize this.
  15. how would realizing it change anything
  16. [​IMG]
  17. The reason that you call a blunt a L is because before Dutch Masters, Phillies and White Owls the original cigar that was used to roll blunts was a brand called El Producto. In reality its not L but EL, the nickname for an El Producto cigar. That double paper thing is European and has nothing to do with blunts being called L's.
  18. I think Blunt's response makes the most sense.

    And I always thought it had to do with how you rolled it.. But I've never rolled an L, only normal jay's.
  19. I was always told it was short for cigarello. It made sense but i wasn't sure
  20. there idiots and dont know shitt

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