Where did the pistills go?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by blackey, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. So after about 2 weeks of me not visiting my grow I went to take a look. My first sight was that all my plants are about 1 foot taller than me and I can see some little buds forming all over. My oldest plant shed about 10 leaves, leaving pretty much just the stems with the bud sites and fan leaves. But all of its pistills are gone! Is this normal? None of my other plants are doing this.

    I need to get some serious bug spray tho. My other bag seed plant is really bushy and green, not really any damage from bugs, but they are shitting all over the bud sites one bud site is completely black.

    They have not been given Plant Tone or watered by myself in 2 weeks if this helps. Maybe the pistills and flowers were shed because im not giving her enough nutes?

  2. Thats a lot of bug shit!

    Maybe you should bag it and sell it as "All natural Insect Frass" for $30#

    Honestly you should use some of your plant tone to encourage more buds. Just dont over do it. Follow the directions, or your instincts.

    Some strains arent as hairy as others, and some plants speed up and then slow down before they speed back up again. Genetics. Your going to have massive variation with a bag seed grow dont expect them to be the same you have to treat them individually.

  3. Sounds like a bad case of budworms. Spray some BT and see if that helps. The problem is, all the insect poo will cause mold in your buds big time.

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