Where did life truly originate?

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  1. Life is a very interesting thing, and something we dont fully understand. Theres many theories to the origins of life on earth, ranging from microorganisms emerging around underwater vents, to life being brought to us by comets and asteroids. But where did life truly originate, and how did it come to be?
    To me, the universe seems a constant flux, quantum particles seeming to appear and disappear from existence moment to moment with no predictability, maybe the origins of life tell a similar story. 

  2. The potentiality for what we call life has always existed. Only time and interaction between matter has brought about more complex systems that we can now point to and call alive.
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    It also might have been one of those things where it required matter from one planet (like a gas giant or something) with the right conditions on a planet like ours (atmosphere distance from star gravity star size lifespan formation) it would definitely be conceivable that it's rare and not common as some suggest. Making self sentient creatures with communication capabilities and warp travel as an example even rarer. 
  4. Life originated from under there...

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  9. Life originated when God made us...

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  10. Life on earth, from what I remember in high school biology, originated from organic compounds. The conditions of early earth had electrical storms and steam and all this other shit which ended up making amino acids which are the building blocks of life. I don't know how close I got, but that's what I remember being taught. A simple Google search couldn't hurt.
  11. Our atmosphere produces the chemical mixture to facilitate microorganisms that have evolved to us.

    But if you ask me...


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  12. aliens

    all jokes aside... science can't answer your question with certainty
  13. this is all theory.

    Scientifically speaking origins cannot be proven.

    All we can do is simulate early earth, create life, and say "this is most likely what happened"

    Also for the record we have yet to simulate abiogenesis in the lab.

    I personally think life started in volcanic vents under the ocean

  14. This is only a theory I found on YouTube but I enjoyed it

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