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Where did laced weed talk come from?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Craving, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Was lacing weed so much as, "popular?"
    People seem to ask about it a lot, was lacing weed around in the past? Why are people scared of getting laced bud? I mean really, who was the one who wanted to mess up a perfectly naturally good wholesome herb in the first place!

  2. When you get a rookie to smoking weed and they get dank and get super high they trip and think there on some other drug because there n00bs and can't hang!
  3. my thread was a joke, i posted some meth as the pic.
  4. in the 80's or some thing like that
  5. lets all join hands and say propaganda
  6. It was a scare tactic that came on the heels of the popular discovery of PCP.
  7. All I know is it moved...I'm pretty sure we can kill it.:cool:
  8. It came from the government as a way to scare gullible parents and naive kids
  9. I reckon it's from government and over protective parents trying to scare their kids because a) there really dumb and think bud gets laced all the time (costs dealers more money so why wud thy bother) or b) they know there's nothing bad about it but are to ignorant to admit so they make up garbage IMO just keep tokin lad
  10. Same as who invented crack cocaine and distributed it to minorities.


    Those sadistic motherfuckers. :hello:
  11. My mate found a pube in his bud
  12. They used to teach us in school that the drug dealers would lace your weed with harder drugs to get you hooked on them (the harder drugs) to maximize their profit.

    They also used to tell us that 1 joint contained the same amount of toxins as a pack of cigarettes and if you concentrated a pack of smokes down to something the size of a joint, you'd get just as high. Gotta love the education system in the 80's.
  13. I'm sure it happens some people buy weed with other drugs in it and a dealer could switch the bags or he could be a asshole and add something else just to fuck with you

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