Where did I went wrong?

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  1. So I decided to cut my branches and trim this late Friday night. Some buds look purple some were still green, smell was a little off maybe but it was good enough for me. I grew the plant outside somewhere in west Texas and it all looked pretty good. Now I’m drying my branches (about to be 48hrs) but they lost a lot of volume and don’t feel like packed buds at all, and smell weird. I checked for mold and haven’t found any. Also while I was growing I didn’t feed or checked ph levels so I’m hoping that’s where I went wrong a little help would be very helpful for my next plants to come!

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  2. looks good to me.
    plant harvest and product yield are two different things; plants can lose up to 80% of their weight due to dessication (maybe that's a bit high of a figure, but ~60% for real).

    increase the photons for bigger badder buds ;)
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  3. Cool! Good to know thanks ! I’m still worried about the smell! It doesn’t smell too good to be some good stuff
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  4. They don't smell great uncured.
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  5. GOOD TO KNOW! Thanks
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  6. nice buds mate ,,,its always a bit of a shock after ya dried the weed and they have got smaller etc ..but it always happens ,,buds will be fine ....mac,
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  7. Yeah, the smell will develop while they are in the jar as long as you don't dry them too crispy before curing them. Which can happen quicker with fluffier less dense bud. So keep a close eye on them.
    You've got some pretty colors there.
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  8. Some sativas have fluffy buds. So fluffy and light. I think they look a little to early for harvest. Pistils were still white. You check tricomes. Good Luck Peace Out
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  9. It’s hard to imagine anything good will come from the wet grass/hay smell, but it will. The good thing is you’re gaining experience and you’ll remember it the next go around They’re looking good and will be fine.
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  10. Dry to fast and it stinks like lawn clipping / Hay. Dry to deep and it smokes like inhaling live flame and will never cure.
    Below 55% it is to dry and all the biological activity the cure depends on has stopped and will not restart.

    Drying cannabis is like cooking fine Steak. You want medium rare NOT well done.
    Trim close seconds off the plant while everything is standing tall and firm.
    Hang only until the smallest buds start to firm back up.
    Strip buds from branches.
    Slow dry over the next 5-7 days to 65%
    Jar for 60 days.
    Stems snapping is to dry and that needs to be removed from general drying lore.

    A lot depends on your local humidity. If your not drying at 70% humidity extra steps are needed to stay in range as the dry is the most critical step. Blow the dry and no cure can happen.

    I only take down off the plant what I can trim up in 10 minutes as longer then that and it wilts and makes trimming that much harder.
    A jar of denatured Alcohol to dip and clean the scissors in keeps them from gumming up.

    Hang until the smallest popcorn buds firm back up. In my local low 12 % humidity this can happen in just hours.


    Strip all the buds from the major branches, cut into thumb sized nugs and bag them.
    A pair of grape scissors works best for this.


    Stack bags in new clean closed trashcan overnight.

    Set back out during the day. They'll spend less time out and exposed as the days progress. Stir the bag contents a few times a day.

    This slows the dry and made all the difference in how my end product started to come out. Soft and squishy = needs more time exposed. Stiff and almost crunchy = needs more can time. At the end of 7 to 10 days you want to be at 65-62% when the can is first opened in the morning as that is your best read. I suspended a humidity gauge at the top of the can.

    At that point it is perfectly dried and can be placed in jars with no pesky burping needed.


    Half gallon mason jars with a 60 gram size 62% Boveda humidity pack for insurance and a 60 day cure will give you as good as it gets.
    This works in low humidity zones and will get you a can of mold in Florida hurricane season. :)
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  11. Yeah that all looks ok to me. After a couple days it’ll start to smell a little funky and then for me after like 5 days while the stems are still bendy I just quickly recheck for any mold and snip the branches off in like 18 inch sections and put them in 27 gal totes from Costco 60%ish full with the lids cocked with hygrometers in them to try to slow the dry down. Right now I’m shooting for low 60s as one of my totes that was sitting at 67 I noticed started to get a little bit of mold on them this morning when I checked.
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  12. Sup guys, thought I’d give you an update I’ll post pictures later. I’m not exactly sure how to rate or judge the weed so I’ll just go with how I see it.

    Since all the volume was lost during the drying it appears that it all remained the same although it CRUMBLES to easy. I might of over dried it? I have one jar with weed that dried for 72 hours and another jar that dried for 96. I can’t tell the difference, although I’ve only smoked from one of the jars, unfortunately I forgot which one was which.
    I’ve burped them every 12 hours for around ten minutes for two weeks.

    It’s amazing

    Definitely a sativa but not what I expected. I think it’s just has a low THC %. Trip is kinda long which I think is good it’s not to crazy as I have yet to hit it and feel uncomfortable.


    I’d probably give it a 5/10 maybe a 6 I’ll try and compre it this weekend agains other sativas and hopefully have a better idea of what I have.

    What worries me the most is that it crumbles too easy and compared to other nuggs volume sucks, feels like oregano. Planting season is coming up in a couple of months so any tips y’all might have are more than welcomed.
  13. Most of us live by this:
    Dry room temp: 60-70 degrees
    Dry room humidity: 60-70%
    Hang time at these parameters: 7-14 days.
    Personally I hang the whole plant, sun leaves and all. Minimum of 7 days, usually more like 2-3 weeks till packaging. :thumbsup:
  14. this is a long time to dry! I read somewhere that if I dry too much time they would go bad and up until today I thought I had dried it too much. I didn’t worry much about humidity since I don’t have the proper tool but I will consider buying that humidity thingy. I did cure for like a month, I think I forgot to mention that before!
  15. Humidity, temperature, and duration are all key parameters. If you lose one of them you probably will sacrifice taste, aroma, and quality in the finished product.
    Get that humidifier asap!

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