Where did all the long hair go?

Discussion in 'General' started by LonelyPlanetBoy, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Alright, I'll be damn straight. Where the fuck has all the long hair gone?

    It's so damn depressing to see lines and lines of stoner's with shaved heads. It's getting me so down, I'm considering chopping off my own locks! Skaters, shaved heads, stoners, shaved heads, the only people who have retained their long hair throughout the years are those wrestlers on television.

    Enlighten me Grass City, I've run dry and I'm sad as hell :(.
  2. it became a fad
    and fads fade

    the end

    i, for one, get my hair cut once every 6 months
    let it grow out for a bit, and get it cut short again
    cheap haircuts(plus most of my haircuts suck, so this limits them)
  3. Well.. couldn't get a job with dreads so byebye! Don't think I'd suit a buzzed head, or long hair for that matter :confused:
  4. yea i like it when my hair is medium length too

    not medium as in between buzzed and girl hair long(shoulder length)
    but medium between buzzed and boy hair long(that beetles look)

    not the beetles look, but shorter, is what i meant, idk if that made sense
  5. I cut my long hair off so I could get a job and look half respectable. Kinda like it, no one can tell I'm a stoner.
  6. [​IMG]

    If only they would have gotten rid of theses as a fad...
  7. eh, used to have a fro myself. Hair fell out when I was 16.

    Be thankful you have the option TO grow it out lol.

  8. Idunno I want longer hair tbh, but my hair is poor quality and I hate that awful not-long-not-short-fucked-growing-it-out-hair look (ie mullet)
  9. Do fades fad, then? :confused:
  10. I don't get why everyone thinks cutting there hair off to get a job works though. I have two jobs and for both interviews I tied my hair back (for the first time in public EVER) and I felt like a fool but now I have two jobs. But now it's depressing me having a chicks hair.

    And I'm sorry ShadowBud, that must have sucked ass!
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    Wait.....you think having short hair is chick hair?? Or you're being depressed having long hair? :confused:

    People cut their hair for jobs because they work in positions where having stoner hair would look unrespectable and immature. Some jobs allow the hair, and that's their prerogative.

    Look at it this way.....at least we don't have faggy emo hair :p
  12. Nooo, I have long hair, I don't really look like a chick, it's not super long, Metal kid hair it's James Franco/Pineapple Express length hair. It depresses me being the only dude I've seen in too long with long hair haha.
  13. I donate my hair every 2 years or so, it's gotten as long as the middle of my back in the past. Just made a donation of 14 inches a few weeks ago, currently having difficulty dealing with medium length (about to my ears) hair and considering shaving the rest of it off for a while.

    Hell, I even wore hair extensions for a few months in highschool. Knee length hair was the shit.
  14. gotta look fresh for the ladies. Dont wanna look like trailer trash.
  15. I keep my hair longish.
    More medium than long really. Back goes to the collar of a t-shirt, front to my lips, sides are only a little shorter than the back.

    Here, posting a picture is easier.
    My hair was being very bushy that day, since I hadn't brushed it, but it usually look like that only a little more tame. :p
  16. I would say I'm longer than theshawn in the sides and back, but shorter over my eyes.
  17. i buzz my head every like 3 months or so. I dunno why i just prefer it that way i dont have to fuck around with hair and can take a shower in like 1 minute
  18. I think my long hair stems from just not giving a fuck

    more than anything
  19. from my experience having long hair forces you to give a fuck.

    having to shower, groom, take of the damn thing. you get sweatier thus making you worry about taking care of it and showering even more. gets in the way, gets to humid, something extra i dont need, waste of time to wash and dry. if you dont dry it and go outside you get really cold if its cold and can get sick easier. something for bitches to pull in a fight.

    in the end, whats the point? you save time and effort everyday by gettting it cut. had long hair and im happy i dont anymore. though i always let it grow out then cut it every half a year or more
  20. For me, growing and donating my hair is my way of contributing to society on a small scale. I can't afford to make monetary donations to charity, I can however brighten the lives of cancer kids, 1 wig at a time.

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