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Where Could I Hide A Bubbler?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Blackmamba17, May 20, 2013.

  1. Where could I hide a like 10 inch bubbler? I dont like having my sutff out in the open and my parents will take it if i just leave it out. I need a pretty good spot to hide it. Places that wont work are my closet, under my dresser, in a shoebox. What do you suggest i could buy that wouldn't be suspicious and i can hide all my stash in their somewhere? i was thinking about speakers but im not sure which ones would work and wouldnt be super expensive. Thankss

  2. Do you have a garage, shed or other storage area you could hide it in?
  3. I have a garage but dont know what i could hide it in, in their.
  4. Id put it in a bag and put the bag in an empty motor oil bottle (by cutting a hole in the bottom and closing it back up) then throw that behind some other junk. Just be creative there are endless options.
  5. chzdgg is right. There are limitless hiding places if you think about it. Those hard plastic cases that dumbbell weight sets come in is my hiding place for my gear. Keeps smell in too, strangely enough. Any random-ass place works really, lol
  6. In your own house hahaha! Just put it under your bed.
  7. I accidently broke my bongs mouth piece and I'm pretty sure my parents are on to me, so I pulled out the stem and now have it sitting on my bookshelf with plastic flowers in it. I'm hoping my parents will see its broken and just think it has to do with all the other weird art and things in my room. -fingercrossed- 
  8. under your pillow!
  9. #9 phyer, May 20, 2013
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    You should disguise it as a candleholder. Put in on the dining room table for dinner and see if anyone says anything.
  10. best place is the strangest place. Whats the first room in your house your parents will search for your stash? Your room. The garage is a great place if its messy. Or my personal favorite, while my sisters at college i hide all my shit in her room. Even if my parents do find it they'll think its her's.

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