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Where could i get a replacement plastic ring for my grinder?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by wawa789, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. I was boiling my grinder and didn't know there was a plastic ring that stopped the lid from scraping the body. Well the ring got all messed up from the heat and I used it for a while and today it broke.
  2. Your not going to find a new ring. Go get a new grinder.
  3.'re right I've been putting It off for too's time for a space case.
  4. You keep that shit on? Son of a bitch, Whenever I got a grinder, I ALWAYS took it off, cuz i thought it was supposed to be off. But when I did try to grind, it would always stick, and have a hard time sliding.

    I feel even dumber now
  5. Ya I got a grinder 2 weeks ago and broke already and I really don't know what to do brand spanken new grinder pissed not only that it's a good real deal brand too Cali crusher homegrown
  6. I just got a brand new grinder cali Cali crusher homegrown the ring broke after 2 weeks was very very pissed off when you buy expansive grinder you still problems like this like sould have designed it in with no plastic and just make then 1 mil shortened the hight of the teeth and that well solve all the problems with the ring that's all

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