Where can you grow and breed marijuana legally?

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  1. I am curious as to if there is any place you can grow and breed marijuana legally? First let me say I understand there is a difference between legal and tolerated and tolerated is good enough as long as it is extremely tolerated..lol. Places I have been kicking around include Colorado, the emerald triangle in Cali, and Canada. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Also say you go to a place where it is either legal or tollerated does anyone know how you would distribute these meds to local clubs for their patients?

  2. Yeah dude, i wanted to know that too, it would be hella sick to move to a country or something where its legal to grow...i would set up my house, get a feild next to my house....BAM! thousands of plants! hahaha.
  3. Anyone have any experience in Cali, Canada, or Colorado? I could kill 2 birds with one stone I love to ski and smoke.

  4. Im pretty sure i saw a judge judy a while back where a guy had a medical liscence in i think wisconsin....and he was allowed to grow a certain weight for personal use and judy agreed that he was correct...i forget what state but i know for a fact one of the 50 if u have a liscence you can grow for personal use!!

  5. Yeah, but even in the states that have decriminalized MMJ, the feds can still fuck with you.
  6. Spain. End of story. :)
  7. why spain? I am thinking of possibly moving there.
  8. I do not see any sites indicating besides a few blogs and shit that it is just tolerated. But i heard spain is a very safe and stable Country to live in. If it is legal. count me in! :hello:
  9. Would you really move somewhere just because you could smoke there legally? That sounds a bit extreme.
  10. Anywhere in the U.S., whether legal or not, weed is still illegal federally, and so you will never be safe from the DEA messing you up. Canada is a better option, but it's very difficult to get accepted to immigrate there, and I can virtually guarantee that they're not going to allow you to become a citizen so that you can grow pot. California is probably your best bet, and even then, do business directly through the clubs- someone on the staff might know who you are, but they won't give you up, and no one else will be able to!
  11. Thats kind of what I was thinking. Anyone know where the folks of Humbolt go to snow ski?.....would love to combine my two favorite things

  12. weed is not legally allowed to grow on your own in any country with out a medical reason.. its only decrimalzied in areas. also i belive try kingston jamica or areas around there cops there smoke thme selves.. look into it that be my best bet
  13. go to california, and if u have some kinda problems like scoliosis or something, go to one of those marijuana doctors, and if they say u can legally take marijuana cuz of ur pains or problems, get a club card, costs like 100 bucks or more, then u can legally smoke pot, and u can grow pot if u want, there is a limited size of how big ur plant can be tho, theyll give u a booklet giving u the specifics
  14. actually you cant. its not legal. if federal law says you cant and state says you can, you cant. if federal law says you can and state says you cant, you cant.

    but im pretty sure you wont have nay problems
  15. I know people have suggested it but I think it's quite obvious you have none of the required medical conditions. Federally, horticulture of marijuana is illegal in the united states, even if the locals don't give a shit just count on being investigated by the feds at some point. In Canada it's pretty much the same way, I believe you're going over seas if you want to achieve this goal, honestly I'm all for it. I fucking hate the US.
  16. well. the law states that you CAN grow in cali if you have a licence because the state has made it legal to a certain extent. they are allowed to be a self governing body, but if the Feds want they can rain yer perade. if your growing in cali for personal use not to sell i HIGHLY doubt the DEA is gunna stomp your house in. i seen judges drop more medical marijuana cases latley in soCal
  17. Pot smokers need to unite and take a country for ourselfs. These laws are bogus. We need a place in the world to live freely.:smoke:

    p.s. If it was the only country where weed was legally grown and smoked it would be the #1 tourist attraction in the world. Think about the revenues man.
  18. It's not really extreme if you think about it because marijuana is only looked down upon because of prohibition etc. If it was never illegal people would say nothing about someone moving for something they enjoy.
  19. i think obama made a law that the feds cant do that anymore
    either that or just wishful thinking. =)
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    Im pretty sure, that you can grow legally in Spain, but it cantr be sold, and it cant be smoked in public. Either way if thats what your looking for, you better start learning some spanish.

    edit: there was a country, maybe 100 years ago, named after the word Cannabis, but the US bullied them into making it illegal there, too. That is awful, america is just a land of bullies, tehy say you can have freedom, until they take it away and torture you. Because of this country doing this, many many other countries also suffered poverty and starvation. because they used cannabis as an agriculture crop(like america uses tobacco) and they could not grow hemp for food and supplies. Im sorry i forgot what the place was. It was in The Emporer wears no clothes.

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