Where can one get a Mobius 65mm Stemless w/ Stereo Matrix

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  1. I'm hunting for a Mobius 65mm Stemless Bubbler with the Stereo Matrix perc but I can't seem to find anywhere online with them in stock. Is there a good source for these out there that I'm missing or are these pieces that hard to find?

    And if anyone has any comments/warnings/suggestions regarding this piece, I'd love to know now before I invest!

    Thanks for the help, blades!
  2. there is one on facebook group right now for 400$ shipped, not a bad deal.
  3. Might be a 60t, my lhs still has 65t's in stock Midtown Direct in Eugene ;)
  4. one of my LSH had a few of them as well, i just bought a 65t stereo matrix last week. cost me 450, a little below *******s price. and there in lies the problem, if i type in ******* or ***, it gets auto modded and doesnt show up. if you cant find one local, i hope you can guess those censored names cause thats where you get one online, and its pretty much like a DG tube (lol i love my LHS, i got my DG fritted disc there too), they will be up for a few hours then be sold out usually.
  5. i hate to double post, but i forgot to comment on it. that thing is fucking magic.
    i have been running mine at the water level shown on the video on mobuis youtube channel when they announced it for sale, just tto thee top of tthe upper perc and while it has some initial drag it is not bad at all and it clears in an instant. its so good, that my buddy made me leave after we got back from the LHS hit it and and the piece he bought. he told he i had to get that out of his place before his girl got home, or she would like that better then his DG fritted disc he bought and be mad at him. its now a week later, and he asked me to lend it to him so she could hit it, because he wants her to want one as much as him, to justify him buying a 60T. lol. and he was willing to lend me his irreplaceable TCT while he has it.
  6. Thanks for the info guys!

    I saw the DG fritted discs and keep seeing the Mobius getting the better reviews - though both are beautiful works of art.

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