Where can I sell my piece online?

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  1. I have a 12 inch tall Simba glass water pipe that is UV reactive that I purchased with the intent of using with concentrates, however, once I tried it I realized it was too big. I want to buy a new rig however I dropped $275 on this piece when it's normally $350. I've tried looking for places to sell online or the legality of it but can't seem to find anything. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. maybe on fuckcombustion theres a section to sell equipment but i dunno the rules
  3. boromaket, borobook, facebook, instagram, craigslist
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  4. Nobody really wants to buy a used piece unless it's absolutely ridiculous quality from a well known glass blower with 10,000 instagram followers, and prices to break your bank. Did I say it can't be used?
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  5. No sane person would buy a used peice. Unless you can sell it to a friend or something then your SOL. Next time make smarter choices. Peace.
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  6. People buy and sell used glass pieces all the time. It's how I acquired much of my collection. Sometimes, it's the only way to get a special piece you're looking for.

    Simba glass is quality stuff. I don't imagine you'll get more than $200 on the used market, but someone will definitely snatch it up for the right price.
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  7. Thats gross :sick: who buys used glass lol I'd rather spend 300 on a brand new bong then pay 250 for a used one :confused_2:
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  8. Gross? I usually clean my pieces with ISO after every use. The used pieces I've bought have been maintained by people who do the same. It's not like you buy a used piece that's all gunked up. And yeah, you get a much deeper discount than $50. And for those of us on a budget, it's the only way I've been able to try various high-end glass. I couldn't afford to buy new all the time, not to mention, high-end glass isn't always readily available new.
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  9. Its still gross its like finding an empty coffee cup on the street then cleaning it and saying its good f that, just shell out the extra and buy new
  10. Except it's nothing like a coffee cup. You think people just buy art and always sit on it? Especially functional glass art? Do you use your friends' flat ware and cups when you go to their house? I'm just saying wake up dude, people buy and trade used glass art. Some of us truley appreciate it, and what you're saying is just flat wrong. Sure, go buy whatever piece you want and dont try anything else until it breaks. I'll do me, you do you. The OP asked where to sell his piece. I let him know. You obviously didnt.
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  11. Lmao why you so mad bro? It's not my fault you can't afford new glass and have to buy some haggard second hand piece that someone's dribbled in :laughing: and as for not trying any other glass until it breaks I've got 4 glass bongs bruh lol, I did have 5 but I dropped one :(, I'm just saying I'd rather spend 300 on a new fresh peice of glass then pay 250 for one someone's dribbled in :confused_2::confused_2:
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  12. Not mad, you're just wrong, and derailing a thread off topic. peace.
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  13. I've seen hundreds of pieces sold on facebook groups, just be weary of the trolls ;)
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  14. I've bought some pieces off craigslist over the years
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  15. Looks scrum didly, ump-shish.

    IMG_0001.jpg :lmafoe: :sick: Two Hundred !
  16. I would try Craigslist first. It's free to advertise, you can post photos and you reach people within driving distance so you don't have to mess with shipping. There is also a local selling group I use on Facebook; there might be one where you live.

    Note: I wouldn't even consider it if I lived where weed was still illegal.
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    Like anything else, location, location, location...

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