Where can I get this?

Discussion in 'General' started by chronicman00, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Where can I get this "Chronic iced tea"? I just read this website with weed flavored tea I would post the link but idk if its against the rules. Any one try it? If you want the link PM me.
  2. post that link man sounds interesting. but if it can freely be sold over the internet then there's prolly nothing more to it than the flavor
  3. oh yeah I know man I just want the flavor lol I could care less if it got me high. But isn't posting other companies products agaisnt the rules and can get me banned?
  4. not that i know of
  5. Read Hashmouf's guide it's pretty good
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    Then here it is. I thought it would be pretty cool to have a collections of these cans. http://www.chronicice.com/ I actually went on their myspace and I don't think its out for sale yet but im not sure.
  7. I know ive seen that link it does look pretty awesome though. but i dont have trimmings:cry: and I dont want to use buds for it.
  8. hashmouf has everything.
  9. Speakin the troof right there.
  10. troof, toof.

    that makes me laugh
  11. shit ive only heard of it on the Chronic 2001 dr dre album.

    " we might be sippin on gin or Hennessy, fuck that wheres the new shit the chronic ice tea":smoking::smoking:
  12. Its probably just chemicals mixed together. Do it natural if you just want flavor.
    Empty a tea bag of its contents.
    Put weed in the bag instead.
    Seal it back up.
    Throw it in your hot water and let it brew for a little bit.
    You now have weed tea.
    Although it wont get you high, it still has the flavor.


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