Where can I get something similar to this piece?

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  1. [​IMG]

    Thats the LW 10 arm, but unfortunately i dont think theyre made anymore, but i absolutely love how clean and simple it is, does anyone know where i could get something similar or who would make it? I've looked on ALT and a few other places and there was nothing like it really, any help is appreciated guys.
  2. Is there a shop any where near you? That would be a good place to start.

  3. Try Aqua Lab Technologies
    They have a whole bunch of crazy bongs and accessories. Or try the site that you're on...
  4. I see you are in pleasant hill, take a trip to Santa Rosa and hit up Peace Pipe, they have a bunch of stuff, from china to high end, if you don't wanna get one online.
  5. yeah, I've looked on alt, the closest i could find was a zob and im not too big a fan of that logo, its too big and too ugly to justify its size. But there was actually a piece that was fairly similar in a LHS by a local blower, but it was pretty pricey (i think because it was worked in sections), I was already saving up for it, but if i could find something like that i would easily take it over the one from my LHS.

    and that one on iOffer looks good but i dont know how much i trust that site. thanks though guys.
  6. I'm right by Santa Rosa and I hit up Peace Pipe as much as I can. Great shop, just picked up a mflb the other night :)
  7. Jew the shop down, theyll work with you on the price, keep saving. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BLOWER!

  8. hahah very well put, I think I will.
  9. hit up sgw. he may give it a shot. really cool and down to earth guy too. wait list is a few months but definitely worth the wait for a preston piece. if he cant, he may have a good referral too!

  10. ooohhhh yeah, that would be awesome, you dont happen to know his info do you?

  11. agreed. however, please don't use that term "jew" in that sense please. being Jewish myself I take some offense to that. I know your not using it that way, so im not pissed. just different terminology would be better. Even though I always try to Jew down my LHS.
  12. any chance yall could give me some tips on what to try and do to get em down? I've bought several pieces from this place, probably about 3, but I've never actually tried to get the dude to lower the price
  13. Just act hesitant and tell him you only wanna spend so much. When I bought my Illy in May the guy chopped like 70 off the tag and threw in an extra bowl because I started acting like I didn't want it after he told me the price.

  14. Basically, the shop bought the tube for half of whats on the sticker.
    Of course, they want to get as much money as possible but anything more than 50% of that sticker is profit for them.

    If said tube is around $400 try something like
    "hey man can i check that tube out? (inspect for flaws and point them out) Ive been eye balling this for sometime now and i know its been here awhile, would you be willing to hook up a regular for something like $325 out the door?"

    They will most always accept reasonable offers, its funny because many ppl dont even try it. Or if youre feelin cocky you could say "so how about $400 out the door on this bad boy with a bag" that works everytime. Just be cool with who ever is working and theyll help you out.

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