where can i get REAL dj short seeds.. ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by JohnnyArmani, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. i have to grow his stuff..

    anyway where can i get "the flo" and his "blueberry" from?

    attitude seems shady and i cant seem to find any legit site.

    thanks 4 any help, it is greatly appreciated. :hello:
  2. ^^ What he said.
    Hemp Depot has them as well but I ordered Cocoa Kush from Boutique last year.
    Great purple buds.
  3. ^Dont use dutch seeds...
    Guy has the link in his sig...
    Do the math.

  4. WTF i see you post everywhere to buy at dutch seeds..are you there spokesman or something??
  5. Please stop all this SPAM w/ Dutch Seeds. I know you are just trying to advertise and/or gain some credit from an affiliate program, but honestly this is not the place to do this. Besides, they do not even offer Blueberry, and if they did, it would be a cheap recreation of the true Blueberry created by DJ Shorts.
  6. Look at the name...... ganja HYPE 84. :eek:
  7. I have never had a problem with The Attitude....Never heard any either...What have ya heard? Or why is it shady? I was actually sent my seeds with one pack missing I emailed them and received it 6 days later...They seem unshady. Actually they sent me free seeds with it. lol
  8. if you read through the dj short news about dealings with attitude, some scammer sold em bunk dj shorts, they remedied it by contacting dj short directly and getting fresh batches sent out to every1 who got sent bunk ones.. thats overly nice if ya ask me. i'm definitely down for buying some dj blueberry soon but tude hasnt been stocked recently.. nirvana's got em but their pretty pricey.. and i'm now gonna wait on rez seeds.
  9. Here's how you know if you've been ripped off.
    All of DJ's varietys have mutant phenotypes with the crinkle leaf defect from an old school chocolate thai.
    These are usually the best specimens but this is not always the case.
    If you've sprouted 10 DJ seeds and have yet to see a mutant variation chances are you've been ripped off.
    SeedBoutique is the best place to acquire short's work, that and the Legend's site.
  10. Don't forget the red stalks and petioles (leaf-stems).:wave:
  11. Blaze all day is right, the stem colors can range from red/purple all the way to a deep chocolate color, i've had purple seedlings before with Cocoa Kush.

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