Where can I get one at?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Verbluten, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Quick question GC., Where on the East coast, specifically around the Southwest Virginia area, can I hunt down a Sovereignty double chamber bubble with the tree perc inside? Appreciate any help.
  2. The internet?
  3. Net, or local head shops if you have any.
  4. I have already done some research man., Searched the net, local head shops. I have some e-mails floating around and I'm waiting for responses from some places on the West Coast, seems that's where they all are. I'm not too much of a dumb ass so I don't like to ask blind questions just because I'm lazy. I just can't find one of these damn things around me for some reason. If anyone knows where I can get one I would appreciate it so I can take the lead from there.
  5. grasscity.com or if your search is goin nowhere just settle for a phx or illadelph, its not even setteling their perculators and tree perculators are awesome i have a 24 inch double perc with illadelph ash catcher and another perc. rips amazing good luck with ur search

  6. I have a 9mm illy beaker and it's great but I am specifically searching for an SG double bubbler with a tree perc. That's what I want and hopefully that's what I get :) EDIT.com doesn't sell SG's nor does anywhere else online - that I know of. Thanks for the advice so far guys.,
  7. Just wanted to say good luck man, king dubs are the best, im actually after one myself! Sovereignty is seriously like on a different level. I PM'd you a link that might help you out!

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