Where Can I Get Medical Mj Pricing, Per State?

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  1. Assuming the IL governer signes med MJ into law....
    I'm running some numbers to try and figure what IL dispenaries will be selling an ounce for, and how much cultivators will sell each ounce to the dispensaries for.
    I was thinking cultivators will sell cannabis for roughly $200/oz to the dispensaries, and the dispensaries will sell the med MJ to the patient for roughly $400.  But, I'm feeling like those numbers are too high.
    If it does go into law in IL, right now it's anybody's guess what the pricing structure will be.
    I think perhaps it would be wise for me to investigate the pricing structure in other states that sell med MJ (excluding CO due to their recreational use).
    Anyone know if there's some place on the web to find out dispensary pricing for med MJ on a state by state basis?

  2. Google.com
  3. It's different in every area. There is no answer to your question. How about you just wait and see. Hmm
  4. priceofweed.com
  5. I'm considering opening a dispensary and/or cultivation site in IL if/when it passes.
    I'm trying to run some numbers to determin expenses and revenue.
    Therefore "wait and see" isn't very wise.
    Problem with that site is, it shows the street price, which is typically much different than dispensary prices.
  7. People who have financial hardship get a discount
  8. google dispensaries near you
  9. I live in Denver.  I've seen ounces of top shelf in SoCal for $420 and ounces of top shelf in NorCal for $200.  Some dispensaries in Denver charge $280 for top shelf, right now I am a primary patient at RiverRock Wellness (which has 2 locations in Denver) and they are running a Summer sale -- select top shelf for $100 an ounce.  Some days the nugs are stemmy, but always dank.  Today I stopped in and picked up an ounce of space bomb with surprisingly hefty sized nugs on a 15% discount for $85!!!!!  $85 an ounce.....yes please. 
  10. Www.livwell.com
  11. Well said. This is what I was trying to say. Every area is different and there is no way to tell. Seeing how you are talking about IL so I am sure it's not like there are giants farms out there like on the west coast so prices would be higher in your area
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    Depends on quality not just area, indoor goes for a bigger ticket than gh n outdoor. It also takes more money running an indoor grow a month than a couple acre farms.
    Youll also have a "market" which means other strains go for more Becuz they dont yeild or take more risk in order to get those meds.
    Alot of variables, as the medical mj is still very underground...

    Without the growers, patients n collectives have nothing. Respect n.reemburse your vendors that bring AAA+ meds to your club. Cuz once its medical everyone n their mama is gunna wanna get in the field n youll know after a while top shelf meds are a dime in a dozen. Cuz not everyone can grow clean cannabis.

    Indoor/outdoor/light depo all have different pricing as does.strain.

    As for the patients itll be.up to you to pay your expenses (tax, mortage, paychecks n to fit a lil profit. (Every collective does) while still giving patients good prices. In Socal you can get an oz of top shelf for 280-360. Like i said it depends whos running the club, location location location, strain n quality.
  13. weedmaps.com works for me (is that CA only though? I'm not sure if it has other states...)
  14. I've never known many dispensaries to keep weedmaps updated.  
  15. damn i'm jealous lol..
  16. I'm considering opening a dispensary and/or cultivation site in IL if/when it passes.
    I'm trying to run some numbers to determin expenses and revenue.
    Therefore "wait and see" isn't very wise.
    Have you legit read the bill? I don't think you even have a shot at opening a dispensary.

  17. Yes, i've read the bill, front to back.
    What makes you think i don't stand a chance?
  18. Some keep weed maps updated. Its nice.

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