Where can I get BLACK STRAP MOLASSES????

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Northern cali, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Or should I jus get sum budcandy or sum kinda sweetner?
  2. Use unsulphered Black Strap Molasses, 1Tbs/ gal. Any grocery store should have it, usually near the baking supplies.
  3. Any grocery store, Walmart, etc. Near the honey and pancake syrup. It doesn't have to be blackstrap, but you do want unsulfured.
  4. Target, Walmart, grocery store or almighty Amazon.com.
  5. People these days. Can't you at least check your local supermarket before posting a thread like this? Sorry to be a dick.
  6. black strap molasses is just organic molasses.. i bought some regular organic molasses and the ingredients is black strap molasses
  7. also, it doesnt HAVE to be blackstrap molassas, thats just prime, if you can find full flavor molassas it works also. I use it and it works.
  8. Actually no. Molasses is made by taking sugar cane, extracting the juice, and then boiling it. This juice is boiled multiple times, and at each pass a different kind of molasses can be extracted. Blackstrap molasses is the product of the third boiling, whether organic or not.


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