Where can I get a Weed Star Elevator bong?

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  1. I live in New York and I was wondering how I could get my hands on a weed star elevator. I am open to suggestions for other bongs that cost up to $200.
  2. i don't think i would ever try to get my hands on a weed-star anything lol

    google EHLE.
  3. ^yea weedstar sucks.
    Gspot ftw.:smoke:
  4. Completely true Weed star is never the way to go.

  5. lol g-spot is almost as shitty.

    and why the fuck do you want a weed star?
  6. Go to Burlington VT and cop some glass, I dunno where you live in NY but I can see NY from where I live so hopefully you're in that area lol
  7. any ideas of good bong brands?
  8. EHLE is a great go to.
  9. i really like perculators, what are some good bongs with them?
  10. Lux Mini if you don't have a huge budget ($250)
    IMO Toro is the way to go if you want huge tree percs.
    Wicked Sands have some great bongs and all of their percs are blown by Luke Wilson.
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    Definitely do not go to a head shop or something to buy it. Online is always cheaper.
  12. you sir, obviously dont own or have ever actually used a gspot before.

    please remove your thumb from your butt and put it back in your mouth.:p
  13. In my experience, online is almost always more expensive. Plus you don't get to see the glass your buying.
  14. The dude was asking WHERE to buy a WS, not if or anybody's opinion. I hate how everytime this comes up, everybody just tells him how shitty they are and don't answer his quesiton, even though pretty much everybody knows that edit sells em.
  15. "I am open to suggestions for other bongs that cost up to $200. \t"

    ya that explains the suggestions maybe

    save up 50 more for a U.S
  16. if someone asks "whats a good bridge to jump off of?" Im not telling them. unless I see a bungee cord.:smoke:
    for $200 id look into the EHLE 5mm range. you might even have extra for a diffuser depending on what which one you buy.
  17. So... Does anyone know where to get the Weed Star Elevator 1? besides grasscity.com because it's been out of stock there forever.
  18. You could try the weed-star website. Good luck man! :smoke:
  19. i think he is just insecure about his own ws

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