Where can I get a scale for around $20?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by bigdank, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. I know my local headshop sells them, but it takes some time to get there.
    What are some other places that sell scales?
  2. if you have a habor frieght around your area i would go their got mine there for like 12 bucks i love it

  3. If no harbor freight, Grainger's
  4. I am aware I can get one online. But where else can I get one?
  5. ebay or craigslist
  6. I got one at a local cigar shop for $15
  7. ebay - look for vendor "Oldwillknott", they have great scales at great prices and ship FAST.
  8. grasscity.com
  9. Remember, you get what you pay for. $20 isn't going to get you a good scale. It'll eat through battaries like a fat kid.
  10. check gas stations or convenience stores

  11. this is also the seller i worked with, and i also had a good experience with him. got my scale for $13, it's worked great!
  12. one word. ebay.
  13. 1. headshop.
    2. ebay.
    3. google.

    c'mon, man.
  14. Wal-mart! they're sold under "letter scales" but it's the same thing. I borrowed one from there a few years ago. you can even set a container on top and balance it out at 0.0 and weigh quantities inside of the container. I'm pretty sure it's $20 or less. I have a nicer one now that's more accurate/sensitive. and it looks like a cell phone =) got it from a gas station for $40
  15. Convenient store, thats where i got mine

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