Where can I get a home drug test?

Discussion in 'General' started by tarheels058, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. I havn't smoked for 16 days now. I have a court drug test on wednesday. I've been looking for a home drug test, besides ordering one. I'm 6'2 145 lbs. Have been working out daily, and am 99% sure I'm clean but a little reasurrance would be nice.

    Know any stores that sell em? Already checked Rite Aid, Target...etc so I'm doubtful there are any around here.
  2. check CVS or walgreens or any pharmacy, they have them just keep looking.
  3. ^Like he said pharmacy's aswell as head shops.
  4. I'm pretty sure walgreens has coke and even meth tests lol.
  5. cvs has em' but i wouldnt beleive them to well there not really THAT accurate.

  6. Yeah! I couldn't find them anywhere here...but both popular headshops had them. The 5 panel and some individual tests.
  7. I just picked up one today at CVS. I have a drug test tomarrow for a new job and need to assure myself, before the test, that im clean. I havent smoked in nearly 6 weeks though so I think im good. $14.99, btw.
  8. Yeah, they do.

    Their called "First-Checks", their a lil' piss test that tests for THC, Coke, Opiates, and Meth. It's more pricey than just the one for weed though.

    I saw em' at walmart, check there.

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