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    Sup GC.. Im looking for a GonG Mouthpiece for my RooR bubbler. Can anyone direct me to where I can buy one? Thanks

    edit: my bubbler is exactly the same as the one in the pic.

  2. bbbmmmppp
  3. I really can't think of anywhere you could look for one of those, EDIT doesn't carry them.

    My advice would be to approach a blower about making you one like it, it shouldn't be hard, but it wont have that logo on it that I'm sure you're looking for. :(

    etsy will get you access to quite a few blowers who could do this.

  4. this, go talk to soulshinefamilyglass on esty. show them that pick, and hell give you a price.

    will prolly be around 30-40 bucks.
  5. I'm pretty sure you'll have to get one custom; I haven't heard of any of those arm pieces being produced seperately.
  6. i have a piece for my ash catcher to use it as a bubbler that's just like that, but upside down pretty much. i'll go take a picture for you. i got it in my LHS, and it came to be used with a regular slide in what most people i know call a "gravity bubbler"
  7. The stemless style you're talking about probably has a female joint on the end; not a male joint like the roor.us bubblers.

    Try possibly hitting up sheldon black, they (the most recent roor.us owner) still make that style bubbler and could possibly hook you up with a mouthpiece.
  8. yeah i just realized i was wrong. derp. i guess i just assumed it would be a normal female attachment. that is crazy though, maybe you should try and get in touch with someone who can blow one for you.
  9. Wrong joint. Pretty sure the mouth piece has a male, not a female...
  10. yeah i noticed i was wrong. thinking i could help got in my way of realizing what was going on haha.
  11. Yeah I need a male joint. Thanks for all the responses guys ill try and get in contact with a glassblower ASAP.

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