Where can i find strains that best fit my climate zone?

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  1. Im in -05 zone and want to order seeds for next grow season any help?

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  2. Unfortunately, cannabis seeds aren't rated by zone like flower & vegetable seeds.

    If you're in a cold area, look for seeds that have a short or early finish.
    A lot of people trying to work outside in these areas go with automatic seeds, but some companies are now working on "fast versions" so that you get the really fast finish, but you still have the control that comes with a standard veg period. These might be good for you too.

    If it's cold & damp, look for seeds that say hardy, water tolerant, mold resistant, disease resistant - or anything that says it does well outside in the UK or The Netherlands.

    On the opposite side of the coin, if you have long, hot summers - look for tropical seeds that love the heat.

    We've just started this page, so it's not fully populated, but it might give you a good idea -

    If you're interested in the Fast seeds as opposed to the automotics, here's one of them -

    Hopefully, that will give you some ideas. If you'd like to order from us at anytime, don't forget to PM us for a personalized coupon code.


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