Where can i find people interested in new designs

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  1. I have several hundred pipe designs with a select few i think will be revolutionary in the industry. I was wondering if there are any places that will buy my designs or give them a try. i really could care less if i make a profit i just want someone to try and make the pipes and bongs i have designed.
  2. well, i think you best bet would be to link up with a scientific blower and look over your designs, discuss which one you feel will function the best and have a few prototypes made. See what work's and what you like and the take it from there. If you have an original perc that's high functioning you could revolutionize the glass game
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    my designs are of a different nature i have many of them but they are all themed. the one i want truly made into something special is my travel bowl. The Indestrucabowl(TM). [​IMG] it's solid construction makes it ultra-portable and ultra ditchable. you can chuck it 200ft down range and it may have a dent but it will still smoke like it did before hand. I have had mine for 2 years. i have ditched it 6 times each time with the mightiest throw i could muster. i later came back to find it in perfect condition.

  4. Hire a patent attorney.

  5. OMG ROFl i just laughed for like 2 minutes straight
  6. I dont think anyone would buy your designs, not saying they are bad just that there is not a big market for that, you could ask a glassblower to make your design for $$$ but i doubt anyone will buy them.
    good luck
  7. profit is not required i just want provide a service.
  8. Post them up then, no harm, who know if one is as good as you say i might be down to make one at some point

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