where can I find hemp seeds?

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    as in actual hemp seeds, and not cannabis? I'm considering growing a hemp plant (or several) in my front yard as an act of protest, and oddly enough, it seems easier to find the stuff that will get you high than the stuff that won't. Searching for "hemp seeds" only seems to turn up the ones meant for eating.

    Any reputable hemp seed banks that will ship to the U.S.?
  2. Fishing shops used to sell hemp seeds for bait when I was a kid. Maybe they still do.
  3. hehehehe. Oh!, the day will come when we can all grow in our front yard garden! ^_^.
    My suggestion is just go ahead and plant a heap-load! take one for the team! lol... just kidding lol
  4. ...I'll add that if you do plant seeds in your front garden then you will most definitely gain legendary hero status in my books. :D
  5. I could be wrong, but it was my understanding that male plants were used to produce hemp. However, if you're going to protest, why not just use plants that will produce smoke-able bud? You can't grow hemp in the US either, so you'll be getting into trouble either way.
  6. hemp comes from cannabis.

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