Where can i find Detox.. (Stat!)

Discussion in 'General' started by silent2119, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. im in the Northwest Suburbs of chicago. anybody know of any headshops that sell Detox? im looking for Stat... but i need to take a dt tomorrow.

    i havent smoked for a week tomorrow (7 days) and the week before i smoked almost everyday and it was my first time...

    if anyone can help that would be awesome
  2. I can't help you with that but can I suggest looking for synthetic urine?

    Seems like the most fool proof way to pass DTs, short of smuggling in real urine.
  3. ya i might do that instead.. i just really need to pass this test

    ive been clean for a week but i didnt start the detox process (niacin, water, green tea, cranberry and b-12) til today and im suppose to test tomorrow
  4. go to gnc or a herbal shop like that and grab uhhh wow i forget what its called. Well thats no help lol.

    I'll i know its a drink that cleans out your system and is about 40 bucks
    someone on here should know what i'm talking about
  5. QCarbo

    It worked for me once, failed for me once.

  6. You don't need to post this in two sections. I understand the urgency here but one thread about this should suffice.
  7. i didnt... one was for my test results.. and this one is for the location of a headshop...

    hence why i ask where the headshops are around here
  8. Tobacco shops, Supplement shops, Head shops, Shit even some normal pharmacy places might sell sum.
  9. now what about fake urine lol

    and thanks for the ideas. time to do some research :)
  10. you're already taking a dt and you just smoked for your first time a week or two ago?
  11. ya i just started smoking about 2 weeks ago. i smoked like 5 days in a row though getting high each night. within the last 2 weeks i would say 8 ( 5 in a row, break, then random days) days total were smoking... and now its been 7 days since ive touched the stuff (7 days today) but i had a job interview on Tuesday, then on Weds they called me in and gave me the paperwork for a drug test. and i was suppose to go Weds but they were closed so i have to go tomorrow. i started detoxing at 2pm wed with 1- niacin (500mg) 1- b12 (500mg) 1- green tea (1000mg), and 4- cranberry (405mg/per pill) and ijust finished drinking a gallon of water.

    i just took another dose of the same but with 6 cranberry pills about 10 mins ago.

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