Where can I find a Toro (Arizona)

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  1. I would like to know if anyone knows where to find a Toro :p
    or some high quality glass non the less
  2. There's a smoke shop on the southwest corner of Mill Ave. and Southern Ave. (Tempe). They carry a Nice selection of glass including Zong and Blue Dot (same maker i guess) bongs, steamrollers, inlines, zongs new Z-perc bong and some double percs as well. I just bought a zong steamroller over there for 70 dollars and its a great piece heres the link http://forum.grasscity.com/toking-tools/465026-zong.html

    As far as toros go, idk but maybe someone else will know!

  3. Tempe is a bit of a drive
    and I got a pretty okay headshop up in scottsdale thats in tempe too
    is the shop "Its all goods" ?
  4. Zong and Blue Dot are both terrible china glass.
  5. I think blaze in phoenix az have toros. THey have a bunch of high end glass. although they tend to be pricey.
  6. That's the only shop I know of that I haven't been in yet.
    Figures, thank you though, I'll be sure to check it out!
  7. Yep man CHeck it out. At 19thave and bell. Also if you havent been to trails yet they have high end stuff. Although there definitly pricey.
  8. canary smoke shop in scottsdale has low prices, not sure what they all carry though.
  9. Hippie Gypsie on Mill and 6th ave has some nice toros and the Its all Goodz in tempe on rural and universitiy has some pretty bad ass toros. Both of those shops have all around good high quaity glass, and its all goodz blows any custom piece you want. Theres another store in tempe but i dont know the streets called Headquarters and the dude that owns it blws most of the glass him self...but hes kinda of a weird dude.
  10. Zong sucks, but i beg to differ about Blue Dot.
  11. I've been to the its all goods in scottsdale a couple times and they had some decent glass little pricey for what it was but yeah i'll def have to road trip to tempe one of these days
  12. cross streets?
  13. there's a smoke shop out here in chandler but it seems pricey too me. its on ray and alma school. i came out here from cali and venice beach is the best spot. you can get great 2 foot glass for like 50-60 bucks.

    i've tried before but does anyone know where i can meet someone to help me through a dry spell? pm me if you can. i'm desperate. no homo. lol
  14. im really interested in finding a toro

    im in the coachella valley area but can drive to riverside and la
  15. I was actually at hippie gypsy on mill and they had like two. Blaze in Tempe or It's all goodz might have what your looking for.

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