Where can I buy with PayPal?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Mentlegen, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. I'm trying to buy a glass pipe online but almost no sites use PayPal.
    Does anyone know of a site that accepts payments with PayPal?
  2. You can always get a paypal MasterCard Debit card that lets you use your paypal account like a credit card. That's what I have
  3. In my particular case I can't do that. D:
  4. Most people on BM use PP.
  5. I take paypal. Pm me if you like anything in my sig
  6. Keep in mind, it is against Paypal TOS to buy glass, if they find out they will stop the transaction and potentially ban the account. It's very rare, but still possible.
  7. No shops will use PayPal because PayPal will look at the site know it sells pipes and then close the shops account
  8. I remember back in the day you could buy glass off etsy with pay pal
  9. everything on BM is sold as GLASS ART and is covered by paypal. thats why they have very strict rules.

    bongs are illegal but glass art isnt
  10. i bought glass on ebay with paypal

    grinders, vaporizers and all kinds of @$#@ too

    don't recommend it if you're looking for high quality stuff, I mostly was just replacing old or broken pieces... cheap
  11. Etsy has a lot of blowers and most accept PayPal. You just have to be aware of the PayPal ToS.
  12. Use etsy, theres tons of shops to look through for a nice piece. Great deals too.
  13. Amazon doesn't take paypal?
  14. Amazon doesn't sell glass pipes
  15. paypal are narcs who hate the MJ industry, don't support them :smoke:
  16. Are there bubblers on Etsy? I searched and only 2 popped up, seems weird :\

    And whats BM?

  17. ebay sonnnnnnn
  18. I figure most people accept paypal as it's considered more secure than giving out your credit card info. I don't really trust people that refuse paypal or alertpay or something.
  19. Paypal don't let you trade bongs or seeds so there is a real chance that a paypal order could go wrong.

    They are narcs :smoke:
  20. ebay ain't got a lotta selection... but u can buy stuff like grinders, pieces, bongs, vaporizers on ebay with paypal without worry... unless that stuff is illegal in your state/country... most the time it's listed as 'tobaccocana'

    of course if your only option for purchasing is paypal... you're probably not too picky

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