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Where can I buy singular mason jars online?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dawq902, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Been searching through tons of stores like target, walmart, hardware stores etc and they all sell 12 packs for like $10. I want like 6/4 jars in 3/2 different sizes. I don't need 12. That is just overkill.
    So yeah, if anyone knows of a site or a store that sells singular mason jars in multiple sizes it would be much appreciated.
  2. Hey I actually recently bought a 12 pack of 4 oz jelly jars offline (same dilemma as you, but I caved) and I'd be willing to send you a few your way if you'd like.
  3. Pretty sure it won't be easy to buy singular jars. Who's going to sell something for .99 and pay to ship it? You're probably gonna have you buy at least a 6 pack.
  4. If you have a marshalls/home goods kohls or something like that is where i got mine. All different sizes and different lids. Great prices, but they range with the sizes.
  5. If you have a craft store such as a Michael's look there, I got mine there for under 2 dollars.
  6. OR you could buy a jar of pickles, empty it, rinse it, dry it.
  7. baby food jars come in different sizes and are cheap
  8. Search for "420 Jars". They get the job done and they're so nice. Come in all sorts of sizes.
  9. they don't have to be mason jars don't forget... if you want a single jar, just splurge on a nice nug jar with glass on glass top. :3
  10. That's what I do! :wave:
  11. Just look on craigslist theres always some old lady getting rid of all of her canning jars(mason jars) lol
  12. [ame=] Ball Wide-Mouth Mason Canning Jar 1 Qt., Case of 12: Home & Garden[/ame]

    Theres 12... for 20 bucks each could hold an OZ easy. hand em out to your boys.
  13. Target has a 6pack of the small mason jars for 4 bucks. Just ask a worker where they are at

  14. NO! You EAT it! :smoking:

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