Where Can I Buy Seeds In The United States?

Discussion in 'General' started by DaBurner, May 6, 2006.

  1. Everything I've seen here at grasscity.com doesnt ship to the United States...
  2. No one sells seeds in the US.

  3. correction

    No one legit sells seeds in the US.

    i heard it's illegal!
  4. i buy them all the time in the US. its called schwag.
  5. Is someone cooking bacon?
  6. hahahah
  7. he was just looking for places that ship to the US, and there are many.



    both of these will treat you right. fast shipping from overseas too. I get my orders from seedboutique in 3-4 days.
  8. I believe www.reefermanseeds.com ships to the US. I've never ordered from there, but I'm pretty sure he's been around for a while.
  9. thanks for the mixed replies, i'm checking those sites now and hopefully they ship to the US, if anyone knows any other sites please post them up
  10. ...i smell pork.

    oink oink little piggy.
  11. ahh, I just now got the bacon joke. I dunno, it's possible. I think the po po most likely already knows of these sites anyways though.
  12. yes... ...I definitly smell a pork product of some type...
  13. Now, I want a pizza with pork and bacon on it, damn munchies.
  14. yeah probably. but are they really going to go through your mail to stop a couple pouches of seeds from getting to your house? doubt it.
  15. they will go through your mail to stop seeds, i know friends that have just gotten an empty package that said that they were having something illegal mailed to them and that it was seized

  16. The seeds go through US customs, where they will be confiscated if found, but they are rarely found. I've already made and received 3 orders, and made two more which I should receive this week. It's pretty rare that customs actually finds the seeds, but it's possible. Nothings happens to you other than the fact that you don't get your seeds.
  17. where'd you order your seeds from? cuz every website i look at shows its currency as Europe instead of US dollars
  18. they dont sell that dirt around here only good shit

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