where can i buy seeds and not get ripped off?

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  1. where is the best place to buy seeds and not get ripped off?ive heard of a place in manchester uk.but i dont want to send my hard earned cash and get ripped off.

  2. Yeah use the one above ^

  3. ill send you seeds for free!! e-mail me and we can exchange info i get tons of seeds out of what i buy and i dont grow so e-mail me.... :)
  4. my email.... operation_nfg@msn.com
  5. Hi Liz, I can recommend the Pukka Seed company based in Guildford in Surrey. They have a strong web presence and are 100 per cent reliable. They recommend paying cash directly into their account, which I have done and seeds always arrive promply and well packaged. Remmber, whatever any trader may say, they are legally obligated to keep your personal details if you pay by credit card.

    Cheers Andrew
  6. Is that site ok for ordering from overseas,I know it says that they can deliver worldwide but has anyone ordered from outside the uk and got there seeds ? www.seedsdirect.to is the one I am on about .
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  7. I ordered seeds from them twice in the USA. No problem.
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  8. Years ago I used this guy...I think most veteran growers know who he is.....I'm about to order again due to my past experience......

  9. Heavan's Stairway and Seedsdirect (both in the grasscity link page) have the best reputation for seeds. Emery has a good reputation and the largest selection but also a reputation for being slow. Not to slam Emery but if you dont' have the seeds in stock, don't sell them and make the customer wait 6 to9 weeks. Other than that Emery is right on top with the rest.
  10. Yea I actually spent alot of time on the Heavens Stairway site,,,and tellya what......thats what I'm ordering from instead of emery,,,,the prices are great compared to emery...he always was a little pricey but reliable...looks like after his U.S. court battle he got a little ...funky minded....thats okay I guess..but nowadays there are others...BPPuff..is not the only one Iv'e found with the feelings bad ,,about emery's procrastinations.........peace
  11. i am going with two right now (mms and direct seeds!)and yes, emery is pricey, they do have some strains that are hard to find anywhere other than web hunting and they have one of the best search eng! i learned alot from the site it self!mms so far is a waiting game but they have what i am looking for tundra and romulan in a good strain!seeds direct is a great site why i wait for the real goods to show up! but a lot of the sites like the edge have had some good things to say about her seeds!and the strain are workable! i sent for nl ,white widow ,ice , i know there not the best but what i do with them well bring out that taste and i am only looking for mothers at this time!if they aint good their gone!if they are good ill take my time working and babying them to get the best plants i can! the seeds are only the starting point in this game and the better players well make them bring out the best in their past!and with a little luck and TLC we can enjoy the game and a win now and then!good luck tazz11
  12. Hi pal I live in Vancouver B.C Canada and I'll tell you were to get seeds and what seeds to get. HEAVENS STAIRWAY in Quebec, Canada and get Haze special it's 21.00 in Canadian dollars and they don't charge shipping.
  13. i am just trying place to see if i get what i pay for and mms has not emailed me in 16 days f*ck them if they cant give you what you pay for !they cant even email ya! alest seeds direct is trying to find the order as of yet! and starway has thunda 5 seeds for$ 75.i am get them seeds ,i got lots of seed now but i want them! i ve tryed two places so far!ill keep ya posted on mms seeds !but it dont look go!
  14. well i guess i spoke a day to soon mms emailed me telling me they would look for my order as of 21 days after it was sent so yes the mail maybe very slow right now!i well keep my eyes open to let you know what happens good luck tazz11
  15. 27 days and they put their seeds where their mouths is! they sent me a thank you to the tone of $150 for waiting and the thank you was mat x skunk so it well be great to see them again soon !they have my respect ,and i hope the seeds as as good as the company! yes, money and cost wasnt the main point here !top shelf strain was! and they filled the order !5***** stars!good luck tazz11
  16. 27 days latter and mms came threw great ,very stleath ! great mailing and the beans were great $400cn worth for $175 u.s.top shelf strains not sold as great plant pics!for my bying two strains they give 10 free ,for a thank you for waiting ,it was to be a verity but they gave me 10 mat x skunk ! that rocks! in my book in stead of woundering whats growing, i got a top shelf weed strain!these well all be good med weeds with some work!and the shiping was free!but cost aint what i am looking for its can they deliver what they sale and is it top shelf or junk! yes they can!i give them 5*****stars!they cant speed up the mail anymore than i can!but ive ate my words and they showed me great beans and that they care about the people that order from them!good luck tazz11
  17. A friend of mine had a good experience with Nirvana (http://www.easyseeds.com/banks/nirvana.htm). Arrived within 2 weeks I think. They're cheap as hell compared to a lot of others (except for their feminized seeds, which are always expensive), plus when you buy 3 packs you get one free. Can't beat that.

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