Where can I buy good soil?

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  1. Hey guys. I'm a first time grower. Is there any good soil I can buy from Wal Mart, Home Depot, or Lowe's? Is there anything I can buy that's good?

    I went to a nursery around here, this guy sold me his own generic bag for $2 (pic below) . I don't know if it's good or not, I will post a picture. I think it has too many wood chips? Idk. He said it had a lot of compost in it, I forgot the ones he mentioned. 20170627_195732.jpg 20170627_200015.jpg
  2. Amend it abit with perlite, nutes of your choice and you will be in business, lots will tell you fox farms or promix.

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  3. I've read about fox farms, but I can't buy that anywhere except online? Shipping alone will cost like $60...
  4. Not really answering your question but my advice would be don't start out with soil.

    Get a bag of coco and some perlite. Mix 80/20 coco/perlite.

    Then feed with coco nutes of your choice keeping the ph of the food at 5.8

    The reason I say this is it will be a LOT easier to hone in on problems and fix them with coco. I found when I started that soil just has too many variables. It's too easy to over and under feed it's also easy to pick up pests and diseases. Getting the ph right is harder too.

    Also coco is very forgiving. If you forget to water you still have a few days leway just like with soil. Also flavor is almost as good, some would say better. And yield will almost certainly be better.

    The coco can also be reused for about 3 grows.

    Anyone I have ever helped set up I've told them use coco and always with great results.

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  5. Is there a guide to using coco? I currently have mine growing in red solo cups in soil and perlite. I bought organic MG without any nutes. I ordered fox farm trio nutes coming in. And I have ten 3 gallon cloth (smart) pots. And I have a 300w Mars hydro led.
    Here is what I currently have. 20170627_043922.jpg
  6. It's the same as soil really. But you need specific coco nutes. I use canna coco A+B, Rhizotonic, Cannazym & PK. I follow cannas online guide and I never have any food issues. Keep the ph ant 5.9 and your golden. Otherwise grow as you would with soil. Bigger the pot, bigger the plant.

    Coco just make diagnosing deficiencies easier and makes overfeeding and under feeding a lot less likely. Which for someone starting out is pretty much 90% of the problems you'll meet.

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  7. walmart and lowes sell espoma organic potting soil, it is good, but also any potting soil like Black Gold or others are cheap. Usually they have peat and perlite already in them but most growers cut the soil with extra. So that soil in the pic looks good. use
    2 pts soil, 1 pt peat, 1 part perlite
  8. OK. Thanks so much. Will the MG perlite work?
  9. I don't know where you're at, but you can always search for hydroponic stores or indoor gardening stores. They tend to carry more nutritious soils for your plants with various drainage options. Jus a straight answer for your question

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  10. yes, but look for a brand that doesn't already have fertilizer added. But if MG with the nutes is all you can find it's ok. same perlite as everybody else. Cheap is good when buying perlite. I pay $4 or less for 8 qts.
  11. Mg perlite has light nutes in it but in a pinch I can't see the harm.

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  12. A good fertilizer to mix into soil is Espoma Tomato-tone at a rate if 1.25 cups per 8 qts of total mix. I like it because it has extra calcium which cannabis appreciates. That will get you through veg with very little else added. These can all be purchased at walmart or lowes. I order online walmart and get free shipping to my door, if over $35, just bought 2 x18 lbs of to my door. or pick up at store. $1/lb is the goal for organic fertilizer.
  13. Hi, not to go off your soil subject, but do you plan on running all those plants under the mars 300?

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  14. OK, will do. I'm in Florida, so doubt I'll find anything near me. But worth a try. Thanks

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  15. Well, I originally planned on having 4 females or so. I germinated 10, and only 1 failed. I figured more would have died by now, but I still have 9 strong ones. So I will have to get another LED I'm guessing? I also have about 8 of the 42w bulbs which say they run at 150w. Any suggestions?
  16. No kidding, coco is for people with no prexisting bad soil habits. I see these kids do great with nothing but coco and hydro nutes. Coco is all I buy now, but by the time my worms get done it is coco/ewc and I'm organic. Another thing I buy at walmart. Natures footprint coco. Right off the brick no nothing added best cannabis medium hands down. Can drive me nuts though if I treat it like soil.
  17. Your going to need a pretty decent led or hps to flower 9 plants.

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  18. I currently only have a 300w Mars hydro led and a lot of 42w(150w) Cfls. But I was thinking of getting another LED. Any suggestions? I wasn't planning on having so many plants survive lol.
    My current setup. Should I start using LED now? I heard CFLs are better for small seedlings.
  19. First things first, you need bigger pots. But there are some pretty decent LEDs on Amazon, always read through the reviews though.

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  20. I am going to repot these into 3 gallon cloth pots in a week or so. Do you think I can switch to LED full spectrum now, or keep it under the CFLs a little longer. I read they do better on CFLs when they are young. Right now they are day 17.

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