Where can i buy cfls online 6500k ones?

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  1. Anyone? they need decent wattage too like 50+ watts each bulb
  2. yea i was looking there so i decided to buy these bad boys, i will have 4 plants but i already have a couple 6500's and 2700's they're low wattage tho
  3. right on! you need low watts for seedlings by the time your lights are shipped they should be ready for them.....good luck
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    ACF Greenhouses.
    These guys are great.
    Fast, reliable, well packed and once you know how to search the website, they have everything you could possibley need.
    Have used them multiple times.
    Here's the link to the bulbs you are looking for.
    Discount CFL Compact Fluorescent Grow Lights for Plants from ACF Greenhouses

    I have the 6400k larger socket bulbs with the brightwing holders, they are great and can hang above or on the side wall or sit on the floor.

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