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Where can I buy a scale?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nathan, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. I don't want to drive 30 mins to the city so I can go to a headshop. Can you get them at wallgreens or other typical suburban stores?
  2. No, you can find them at some gas stations though,

    edit super shitty ones though, order one off of amazon, or some other site actually, fuck amazon
  3. I got 2 nice ones off ebay for $20
  4. I'm sure lots of places sell them. It's not like they're drug paraphernalia. The restaurant I work in uses them in the bake shop, I hate using them. :mad:
  5. They're everywhere! I got the one I use now from Etsy and it's pretty nice and was only $12 including shipping and handling. (Brand New with a case)
  6. the post office has some really expensive ones! haha or amazon or some online site
  8. second hand store?
  9. Pawn shop? Although if the closes head shop is 30 minutes away, there may not be one within your vicinity.
  10. most conveniance stores here have pocket scales :smoke:
  11. id drive the 30 mins for a quality scale....i had a issue where i had a shit one and ended up loosing money just about out the pound i sold....i just sell weed so i can blaze everyday for free lol fuck makn money...its just without the money right i cant re-up and repeat lol
  12. I'm pretty sure OP was aware of this...

    And if you were trying to be funny, you failed. Do you really think if OP doesn't want to drive 30 mins to get his scale, he would wait a month to get a scale from GC delivered??? Use your brain, bud.
  13. ebay
    harbor freight
  14. My local head shop has them for $10.
  15. My drug dealer.
    Anyone got one of those sweet iPhone scales?
  16. Any gas station owned by Hindus lmao
  17. Shit just drive 30 mins to the HS and get a nice one there, or drive nowhere and get on off of Grasscity, just make sure you don't get nothing shitty :smoke:.
  18. eBay, and it's the cheapest place I've seen also.
  19. sketchy gas stations were pipes are usually found.
    Im pretty sure you can buy one at the post office for weighing mail?
    Someone please back me up on the post office thing though

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