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Where can I buy a scale

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by StealthStoker15, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. Where is the best place to get a scale. I want to order one for amazon but if there are any local that would be cool
  2. any hasty market should have them mine was 29.99
  3. I ordered this one off amazon and so did my dealer lol; great scale.
    BUT this one looks sick; bigger weighing area, although I just tare a cup.
    Just look through the suggestions it gives, and read some reviews. I'v dropped mine a few times, and it's still on point. The .01 really comes in hand when buying a g or something. .1 scales round, ie, .95 on mine would be 1g on a .1 scale.
  4. You can get them at Harbor Freight for under $12......
  5. Amazon, you can get one for like 5 bucks. :bongin:
  6. any topknotch headshop in your area should have good 1's not cheap peices of shit un-accurate scale… your guna spend at least a good 20-25$ if you want a scale that will last you and decent sized j.s …

  7. I remember I got a cheap digital scale delivered to me from amazon for literally 3 dollars once. It wasn't the greatest scale but it was accurate and it could weigh 100g x.01.
    Or get a nicer jewelery scale for like 5 more dollars and it will last years. Either way it's ridiculously cheap to get online, unless you need it ASAP it's probably same price if not cheaper than locally.
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    I second whoever said harbor freight, i think those might have been my first scales lol their not bad though i ended up trading them for shittier scales and like a .7 i think. I got my last set at a tobacco store for 12 bucks and they had hundreths scales for 15 and the set i had before that came from a gas station. If you have a headshop near you they would have one for sure. Check headshops, tobacco shops, gas stations and if you have a harbor freight then they have them there. You should be able to find some at one of those 4 spots for less than 20 bucks.
  9. you can get a cheap gram scale at any gas station for $5
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  11. Amazon, Meijers, Kroger, Publix, Shop n Save, Price Chopper, Aldi, Kmart, or whatever other dep. store you may have
  12. I disagree with people saying cheap scales don't do the job. I got mine on eBay. Its marked as AWS, had it for 2 years dropped it multiple times thruout. The screen was even really to the right but I dropped it again nd it fixed lol. But always scales perfectly and always on point. I have the box and has 10 year warranty. Not like I'll ever use it. I never changed the batteries either which is weird cuz ppl said the stock batteries lasted for 45 min max. But I've weighed pounds at a time nd the batteries are still runin after 2 years. Cost ,me like 15. Just get a simple one for cheap and buy ur self 2gs to smoke
  13. Just get it from Amazon, their selection and prices are the best anyway.  

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