Where can I buy a rolling machine (100mm or bigger)

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Alex is awesome, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. I'm looking for a place to buy(not online) a zig-zag 100 mm rolling machine but any brand should do but I don't want a small one. Yes I can roll but I just wanna try it, they're cheap anyways and I wanna try it so where are some places I can buy it cuz I tried a lot of places but I haven't tried any smoke shops so Imma check there but name anywhere besides that:cool:

  2. Actually bro any place that sells items is a store. it is technically a virtual store.

    But there has to be a headshop in your area bro.
    Go there. That would be smart.
    Or a tobacco store bro.
    That would be even smarter bro.
  3. Bro yo he said not online bro and also lolbro he said he's going to check out smoke shops bro

    Sew smrt broooo
  4. Don't worry lol cuz i'm just gonna hit up the head shops cuz *****s obviously be too stoned on here:confused:
  5. Go head shop to head shop... some gas stations and liqueur store have them too. Go look around. The internet doesn't know where you live.
  6. I use apprredeem to get points and use them for amazon .buy shot from there for free to lol .should def use if you don't wanna spend money

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